Camp Near
Sharpes Burg va
Thursday September 25
Dear wife I
take the opertunety
of writing a few
lines to you
I hope thay will
finde you all well
as thease few lines
leaves us all at present
we hav bin laying
hear at Sharpes burg
two ore three days
how long we are
to remane hear I now
not we may leave hear
aney moment
[page 2]
I beleave mary
land is clear of rebles
once more I thinke
thay hav had enugh
of Maryland thay
got such a wipen
that thay wonte
com back aney more
thay lost a grate
meney men we lost
that is our forces a
grate maney to meney
brave man fell on
these grounds we are
now encamped in the
midest of the battle
feald the men now
all bin buried but
some of them can be
sean thrue the dirt
[page 3]
this is the pritest cuntrey
we hav bin in the
the peaple are like the
cuntrey thay are verey
good to the men
we hav bin usde well
by all the peple in
Maryland the men
do not use the peaple
as thay should do
thay steele everey thing
that thay can get thare
handes on thare is one
thing certen the men
ware nearley starved
out with marching and
fighting iI hav heard
that sevirel of our dlwar [1]
countey boys had bin
[kiled?] in these last fights [2]
[page 4]
I might nam severl
that was kild and wound
but it is not nesrerey [3] to
do so as you will hav
hird before these lines
reaches you I will name
those to that was wounded
belonging to upland
orem gregg had parte
one finger shot off so
that he is non the worse
Jamese Miller ball
thrue the under jaw
or chin he is not much
the worse i sean him
when it was don
giv my lov and
respects to all
from your affectnate
Husband William Band

  1. Delaware
  2. Page is folded
  3. necessary
September 25, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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