Saturday Dec 27

Camp Near Bell
Plane VA

Dear Wife I
take this oppotunity
of writing A few
lines to you I hope
thay will finde you
all well as thay leave
us At present
Dear wife I receved
your kinde letter
dated th 21 on chirstmess
cam with one doller
in I recved it with
pleasure I would
gladley like to returne
the same to you
in a present of
some kind
[page 2]
I hope you receved
my last letter dated
the 21 Dec I had harley
got started to write
when worde came to
sadle up wee got
sadled up and started
out to the pickets
we lay thare all
nigh and started
next morning wee
whent some twentey
miles But saw nouthing
and returned Backe
to the picketes that
night and returned
to camp next morning
evrey thing is quiet
not a gun to be
heard how long thay
are to remane so
time alone will
tell fore its self
[page 3]
you seam to Be
verey much dissatisfide
you are not the only
one the soldiers are
verey much so I
thinke that this thing
will never Be setled
satisfactory to our
goverment thare [seams?]
to Bee to much party
feeling the soldiers
are all crying out
fore Mc Clellen
thay seam to think
that nobdday else
can setel this thing
thay hav not got
the fathe in Burn
Sides that thay had
in Mc thay will
harley giv him A
cheer things are not so
bad as some would mak
them out
[page 4]
The christmess past
off very quietley hear
with the men the
offecers ware all drunke
and horse Riding the
Col got [throwed?] and was
hurt he was sent home
to Phildelphia young
maj stacy of Chester
was throwed and trampled
on he was hurt very
bad he belongs to the
infintry hear giv my
repects to Adem
marspenton and george
Phileps I would like
to see Adem I am
glad he came back
your affectinate
Husband Wm Band
[page 5]
Saturday Dec 27 1862
you want to know
how meney men
our rigement numbers
we hav about two
hundread 200 men fore
duty the regiment
numbers about five
hundread 500 men all
tolde the duty is
giting very hard on
the men as the rigment
is so small please let
me know how much
this Brade cost a yarde
the weather has bin very
milde hear this last fiew
days money is not
of much acount hear
you canot by nouthing
onley news papers
I wish you all A hapey
New year Giv my loov
and respects to all
your Husband Wm Band
[page 6]
[1] growe to keep you shine warm
when I saw Gorge I did wish
you more hear I some times
wounder if I must see you
home a gain it whould be
a happy day that i hope it
will not be long before we see
our armeys crowned with success
and the old stars and stripes
waveing in triumph onest more
and now I must bring my letter
to a close [chime?] sends her love
to you I hope you have got
Richards letter and mine we posted
last sunday give my love to
Will and now good night and
God bless you and protect you
from your affectionate Wife
Mary A Band

  1. End of a letter from Mary Ann, crossed through
December 27, 1862


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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