Munday March 16

Camp Near
Falmouth V. A

My Dear Wife
I tak this opportnty
of writing A few lines
to you I hope thay will
find you all well
as thay leave us At Present
I reeved you kind letter
dated March the 10 Also your
paper and two stamps
with card I am not
in much humer fore
writing I feele lonsem
the hole Brigade has
gon out on A scout
with four days rashins
in thare haversacks there
is onley two ore three lift
[page 2]
you ask me dos adems
express come hear it dos
But it would not be
safe to send aney thing
just now as we do not know
what day we may leav
hear the hole armey is
Kept in redeness to moove
at aney moment as fore
my likeness i hav not
sean aney thing of that
kind since we came in
thiss quarter the weather
keeps rather dull the roads
are very Bad just now
I do not see how the armey
will moov with suche
roades as thease we seam
to hav very good news
form the western army
if things be true the
capture of seven 7000 thousand men
the [avacuation?] of vicksburg
[page 3]
I am stil under
arest I think thay are
giving mee good rest
thoe i would reather be
out with the compny
we are learning to bake
we got a barrell of
flower some few day
agow so that we hav bin
baking slapjacks and
Poodens i had slapjacks
fore supper to night
th cook says he will bake
a meet pooding to morrow
fore dinner we hav
good living whin we
git them all out you
think i had something
when i wrote that last
letter i only wish i had
I canot sind that loock of
hair without sending my head
with it my hair is very short
[written in right margin]
just now i will send it in my nex
[page 4]
you will hav sean in
the paper that generell stoneman
ished an order that all men
captured by the enemey would
be charged with thare equip
ment and horse the men
are very much down
on it James carrell is
marked aganst him the
order was read to the rigment
in thease wordes If aney man
is taken prisner without
being wounded ore kiled
he shall pay fore all
his equipment and horse
when i am taken that is
the last thay will see of me
with such laws as that
it would cost 2.25 two and twenty
your affctnate Husband doller
William Band tohis Wife
Mary ann Band
[page 5]
March 16 18.63

Camp Near Falmouth VA

[Then?] of Remembrance
To my Wife
Mary Ann Band

At midnight hour I off do
think, on those most dear,
most far from me,
and memory often at that hour
would gladley wing its flight to the,
e I would not that my form should rise
before thee in the hours of glee
but when thou thinkest on frends sincere
i wish thee to remember me
your Husband William Band
[page 6]
7. o clock . P. M:
Tusday Morning March the 17
sant Patricks day
it is A Buteful morning
littel frostey this morning
all is well nouthing
no news from the rigment
good By and god Bless
you all

March 16, 1863


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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