March 29

Camp. Near. Falmouth
My Dear Wife I
tak this opportunety of
writing A few lines to
you I hope thay will find
you al lwell as thay leave
us at present I
receved your kind letter dated 25
last night and was glad
to hear from you I
also receved your paper
dated the 20 a few days
agow I sean Mrs Smith
death in it It looks as
if thay ware all gowing
off at once three and i
might say four as Ned
Key is in the same
famly Naney will be
completely lost now
giv her my best wishes
[page 2]
you must excuse me
I forgot to menchen that
picture in my last letter
It looks very well
but it would look
much better If I was
standing by it to protec
protect it soldiers seams
to hav grate conceat of
themselves In regardes
to woman if women
talk about soldiers like
soldieres talk about them
it would lok as thay
could not liv without
one another I will
leave it to your
self to judge It is
know wonder man takes
to women it is parte
of his frame ore
body and he dos not
seam right without one
[page 3]
the weather is buteful
spring like winday to
day if the weather keeps
this way long the army
will soone be on the
moove It will be a
bad thing if the mills
do stop fore meny
famleys about thare
we are expecting some
stering news from the
south west ivry thing
is quiet about hear the
rebles hav not trobled
our men since thay got
that last thrashing from
Billey avrills men thay
will begin to think
that our men means
fight we are giting
more onions potatos than
we can well eate just
now fresh Bread evry day
[page 4]
my watch keepes better
time then it did I think
it will be all right

March 31
it is a buteful
morning all is well

No more at present from
your affectnate Husband
William Band giv my
loov and respects to all

March 29, 1863


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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