Sunday April 12 . 163
Camp Near Falmouth

My Dear Wife
I tak this opportuty
of writing A few lines
to you I hope thay
will find you all
well as thay leave us
At present I received
your kind letter dated 2nd
and one from our anna
and was glad to hear
that you ware all well
we are all giting three
days rashens to leave
tomorrow morning at
day light that is the order
we giting every thing
ready to day I do not
know ware we are going
[page 2]
I do not know what
to make of this moove
I am thinking it will
fall thrue as we hav
bin ready severell times
before we are taking
three days feed fore
our horses that is more
then ever we took before
our horses wil be loaded
down tom Blight and
elick Ross ware boath
hear a few menets agow
Harry Mcgoverren
and James conner war
hear last week thay are
all wel l evry thing
seams quiet hear rebel
derserters still keepe
coming in one and
two and some times
severrl come in at
one time we are glad
to see them
[page 3]
we hear that stuart
rebel cavaly are
in the cumberland
valley weather we are
gowing in that direction
I do not know I
am still inarest I
will hav to walk
tomorrow Prisners
walk it is rather hard
coffee fore cavalry men
to walk It has just
commenced to rain
I would lik that
thay would get thrue
with me I hav had
a good rest the news
from the south west
is about the same
we are accous [1] to hear
from charlesten I would
like to hiar of it
faling soone
[page 4]
7 o clock
Mar April 13 /63
thay are all sadled up
ready to starte all the
dismounted men are staing
hear to take care of
camp that looks like comig
back thare is four 4 of
our compny staing hear
mee and three others thare
will be fifty of us
left behind without
horses thare is a lot
of sick horses left hear
this is my last stamp

No more at present
from your affectinate
William Band
To his wife M A Band

  1. anxious?
April 12, 1863


Co. I, 3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry
Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


Residence (County): 
Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
Transcription Date: 
January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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