Camp Near
Fridricks Burg V. A.
May the 11inst . 18.64

My Dear Wife sisters
and Brothers I take this
oppotunety of writing a
few lines to you hoping
thay will find you
all well as thay leave us
at Present it is now
ten days since i last
wrote to you it is
over three weeks since
i heard from you all
we hav not had no
mail since the armey
started on the moov
we expect one by way
of Fredricks Burg to
night so that communion
cation is once more open
[page 2]
I will not atemp
to tell you aney
thing about the fight
you will se it in the
paper before this reaches
you we Broke camp on
the fourth of this month
and hav bin in the rear
ever since the armey
started to moove we
hav no fighting to do
I might say a few
words I hav bin out
to the front once ore
twice and from what
i sean i think our
men hav suferd a
good deal a great meney
are wounded slitley in
the hand and arms
and leggs I do not
think that the dead will
be so great as expected
[page 3]
I expect you folks
in the north are in
a grate way to get
the news I think
the goverment never
was so [out?] [dunn?] as
at this fight the generel
has had all his own
way [I?] hear to the
goverment has had
to much to do with
the armey of the Potomac
The fighting has bin
constent ever since the
night of the forth it
is quieter to day then
it has bin since it
commenced thay only
seam to be fighting on
the left wing of our
armey we hav a grate
meney Prisners i do
not no now how meney
[page 4]
the weather has bin
veary favirabel [but?]
worme I think evry thing
is gowing on well I think
that Gen Grant has bin
highly faverd with the
weather this moove I beleave
th rebels are cut off
from Richmond so
that we may expect some
stiring news in a day
ore two we are seven
miles 7 from fredricks
Burg we hav bin hear
two days
no more at Present
from your affectnate
Husband and Brother
Wm Band

May 11, 1864


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Delaware County, PA


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Heather Messick
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January, 2014
M. Ellis
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November, 2014

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