Wabash, Oc 6th 1864
Dear Mother I got your letter
last friday and was very glad to hear
from you and hear that you was
well you say that Jake has been
sick in the hospital over a month
and is getting better now i am glad
to hear that he is better now i am
well as usual now we are laying here
in the same place we was before when
i wrote we had general quarters
last night about eleven o clock it
was fun they was in sutch a
hurry that they left the tomkin [1]
in when they fired and shot the
tomkin away. i hante got that
letter you sent your foto
in yet and i dont believe i will
now i am sorry that i didnt
get it you may sent me another
if you are a mints if you have it [a mind]
i dont know when we will go
[page 2]
away from but i guess not
very soon. you say that father
and haviland is diging potatoes
now you say that the potatoes is
large this year. well Mother i
dont know but i had about as
live dig potatoes as to stay
here it would seem all fore
me to be on to land once more
i hante been on to any land
in about six months. there was
a draft [2] come a board here the
other day and i thought one of
the men was cack till i asked
him he looks just like him
exactly. tell Abby Jane to write
to me i dont know as i can
think of mutch more this
time so good by for this time
i will fill the rest of this up
for haviland write as soon as
you get this direct your letter
to united states steam frigit
wabash from your son Charles Lester.

  1. a tompion, a cover for the muzzle of a cannon
  2. draft = a group of new recruits
October 6, 1864


U. S. Navy
Residence (County): 
Broome County, NY


Residence (County): 
Broome County, NY


To State: 
New York
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Amanda Conner
Transcription Date: 
February, 2015
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
March, 2015

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