October the 16 th 1864
Deer wife and child i take the
opertunity of riting to you hoping that
those few lines will find you in good
health as it leaves me in good health
at present i ham still laying at
the front of peter[sburg] in the front
line of brest works ware whe can
talk to the Joneys [1] and bid them
good morning and salute them with
a shell every once in about 20
minnits witch makes them hunt
their nests and they serve us
the same those things that i sent
home for i want you to look after
them right away so i cann get
them i need the boots to ware
and the gloves to it [h]as been a frost
every night since i rote the last
letter but very fine weather and
very warm in the middil of the
day i did not get any pay yet
[page 2]
but i expect to get some in
the corse of amonth or so we
muster for pay the last day
in every two months and expect
to get pay in corse of 10 or 15
days after they have been paid
sence i came back and i was
not hear to muster with them
so i did not get my pay
but it will bee all rite next
time and the pay will bee good
when you get it i have some
hopes of this election using up
this thing and i hope it will
now i want you to look after
them pair of boots and apair
of gloves and a three pint pail
and fill it with butter and
when you send them start
aletter the same time and
send them by express so they
will not get lost on they
[page 3]
the way you can tell mecalf
that i ham [2] going to send him
a vote for old abe again i
dont think they can better [h]im
So i ham going in for him
again but i want this thing
Stoping right away and not
run any longer it as run long
enough i think you can direct
them thins as you direct my
letters and get metcalf to look
after them you can give my
best respects to all inquiring
friends and metcalf espesly now
about my little girl i want
to hear somthing about my
little girl and your Self i
want to talk somthing about
my deer little loved one at home
and how often i think i see
you boath but in vain i do not
[page 4]
but i hope to some day
soon ithink i told you i saw
tom noonan and i saw him
yesterday again he said he ad
the 117 th since he came
down hear i should to see them
my self very well metcalf
told me about the boys that ad
listed from the village and he
told us that hat sherwod was
making a dress for my little
girl o witch i was to hear from
you must as soon as conveient
because i like to hear from
home the best of any plase yet
when you rite to me i should you to
send me bill browns directions if you have
them i must conclude for the present
so no more from your husband
Francis Patrick 2 Ny Artilry
Co A Washington DC or the
Army of the potomac 2 corps

  1. Joneys = Johnny Rebs
  2. ham = am
October 16, 1864


Co. A, 2nd New York Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Oneida County, NY


Residence (County): 
Oneida County, NY


From State: 
District Of Columbia


To State: 
New York
To Municipality: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

M. Ellis
Transcription Date: 
November, 2014
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
November, 2014

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