Choctaw Agency
July 11th 64
Mrs A H Rice Dear madam
this leves all in common helth except
Caty she has bin complaneing sevrel
days tho I think not in eny thing dange
rus Mara had another fit last
wensday I will soon be dun my crop
tho I have had a bad chance as hit has
bin raneing ag[r]ate dele of the time sence
the 1 of June I will make a fine chance
of shugar corn & will be redday for hit
except providencely hinderd I was thru
your sitty last fryday was 3 weaks
ago I was going to Atlanter Ga to se
my sun that was capt in Johnsons
armiay he was wonded the 15 of may &
ritton to me to cum & se him I got thar
on saturday morning & he dide friday
following I had another one sick in the
hospittel at Montgumery Ala I stopt
to se him & thay had transfurd him to
[page 2]
to Selma Ala I came back that
wa or I shuld have cum back by
Mobile & stopt one day so as to ov sene
you thay ar all well as common at
the town place the thread cum to hand
& I told Jane to send the amount due
Mrs outlaw we will send hit home
this morning the cart is gon after the
lather at this time I du not think I
have laust much wheat as I wood have
hit sund all good chancis when neseserry
& capt well I can not say how much
thar will be tho hit is compeld to be
agood deal I have the cows fed with
boild feed we ar giting afine chance
of milk the yanks ar still trying to
make arade from Jackson thru but ar
drivon backe & the same wa from
memphaes tho Forrist is thar redday
for them & cald for more help thare is
a good minneay agoing to start from [Aatiso??]
[page 3]
this morning to his asistance I hope he
will be able to drive them as he has hear
before & I wood be glad how meneay he
culd d[r]ive to thar long hom Jane wishis
you to sende sum coprus & sum of the
estract of log wood so that she can be useing
of hit we send you sevreal things in
the vegatuble line I can be Able after
this time to sende you all the rosten years
you wish as thar will be aplenty fild
in aweke my crop of corn looks well
I send you abucket of buter
I gave the hands ½ of last saturdy
the time will soon cum when I can
spear time much beeter than now
as the crop will be of or hand alittle
yours respectfulleay

A..B.. Parks

July 11, 1864


Residence (County): 
Winston County, MS


Residence (County): 
Mobile County, AL


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
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