Dec 14 /64
Choctaw agency

Mrs.. A. H. Rice
Dear maddum
those lines leves all well hear & no bad
cases at the lower place tho sum complant I sende to Crofard depot on thursday from
the fact that I kild hogs on munday I culd not get all fixt up that I wisht to sende
before I sende you abaril of backbones & ribes & sausig mete & a box of sous & one of
sope & the shuse one bucket of butter I kild 21 hogs waing 52.96 lbs [1] as we have
not meneay to kill I thought his best to wate & git the rest as good as I can what
I have kild was good fat one of them wade 3.95 lbs [2] I wood be glad if you can that
you wood sende the baril back when emtyd as I have nede of more than I have got & hit will
ancer the sam purpose agane when I kill agane Delpha & Beckeys child is improve
in Delpha is spining tho Just begun I have got the oxon we spoke of by the leve
of Mr Gaston we find that the demand is so grate for stears that we war afrade to
wate I have sold most corn anuf to pay for them with 100 bushels that
I let go atords them Jane says plese to excuse hir for not spining the thread
bettor that the cards was so bad that she culd not due hit eneay better
Jane says thare is one black ball & on purpel one for Mrs Foot & one black one
for you I will atend to washing & drying the wheat as fast as I can but can du
mity littel at hit now & I have a good deal to fix to pay for the sede sode
I was going to crofferd vill my self to day but thar ar waggons
hear after corn so that I cant leve in time I in tended to & sef [3] the
thing had cum to have ritten & let you no but when I rite agan I
can let you no if thay have cum the Saces [4] meet I spoke of
sending in a box will cum in abucket you will plese tel
Mag Walker I resecd his letter & thank him for what things he
can git & sende
yours verreay respect fuly

  1. 5,296
  2. 395
  3. sef = see if
  4. Saces = sausage
December 14, 1864


Residence (County): 
Winston County, MS


Residence (County): 
Mobile County, AL


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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