Choctawagency Feb 6 /65

Mrs A H Rice Dear maddam I have had sum sickness on the
street lately big Mariah & big Mandey & gray Jim but I have got
them up agan with out the ade of adockter Cemme was tacon
with apane in the Joy & fel in the arms & hande I had to call in
Dr perkins to hir he sade hit was newralgy & rumetism she is
mending the rest ar all well hear & I think all so at the lower place
we have agratedeal of rane hear so much that we cant due but littil
in the farme I have 200 aycurs & mebby a littel over beded up
I am till makieing out with what mules I had when you left
Mr Gaston is not willing to giv hy prices & cheep ones is harde to
finde in regards to your things I have sente William twist
sence thay ware tacon to se if thay war gon & to se if I culd sende
the rest down I shal send tomarrow agan to se & will sende
butter I have sente butter evreay time he wente Jug Carr
promist me that he wood sende the butter if nothing elce
but I reckon he culd not we have not made much butter
lateleay from the fact that the cows war in shuch afix that they
culd not milk them to du much good thar bags war broke
out in grate lumps & thar tets allso & was so sore that the
calvs culd hardeleay suck & thar mouths broke our from
sucking thar mothers or I though that was hit thay ar
nearleay well now & ar giving a nice chanc of milk
agan or begining to du so what I am sending now is made
hear Mr Tucker has not sente nun in two weakes thos he sade he
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wood send when he had hit & will I think I have not heard
eneay thing from anday yet you spoke of my sending sum rye meal
or flower I think that I can sel hit for $10 per bushel if you rether I woud
du so I sente by William to git the balance of the calf skin after
your shuse war cut out so as to have those littel ones made you ritten
for but Mrs Lowreay sade she had giv hit to the shumaker & he had
not cut yours out I will send agan to marrow after hit &
when I git hit I will have them made forth with & sende them
the first chance Jug Carr tacon Mrs Walkers Turkis home
& turnd them out I was glad he dun so I had the coop redday to sende
the chickens at the same time but Jug Carr told me not to sende
them & hit was well I did not I have your gardin well broke
up & menuard & Jane has planted pees & sode rite smart of sede but
I fear thay will stande abad chance to cum up the wether being so
cold & wet she sode sum of the turnup sede you sente to try them
I have got sum more Eggs for you if I culd git to send them I
have anice lot of bigs [1] on hande & the hogs ar duing well old sent anne
is in a bad fix I have to have him hope up evere morning he still eats
harty I will attend to him while he lives the sheep is not dying eneay now
& we have sum young lames & young kids
Yours resectfuley
A.. B.. Parks

  1. [bigs = pigs?
February 6, 1865


Residence (County): 
Winston County, MS


Residence (County): 
Mobile County, AL


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Michael Ellis
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May, 2014
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