Meredian May the 22 1862
Dear Mother and Sisters I Now embrace
the opportunity of informing you that I am well
at present and hope these lines may find you enjoy
-ing the same blesing Wm Perkins and all the
Neighbors are all well except Cold we have
News that the fight will Commence at vicks
Burg After Noon whether it bee so or not
I Cannot tell we caln [1] Hear Any thing Here
that we Want to Hear I also Heard that Jeferson
Davis and His Wife Was sean come ing South
we Get A Plenty to Eat Sutch as it is
flower some corn Meal some pork that was
Pickled 25 yeast Ago And Beef that A Dog
Could Not Eat But it Calnnot Bee Help
it is all they Have Got an it will
Last A long time the Boys are all Sivvle
And Home Sick But they Have stopped Gra[n]t
-ing Furlows Here for A While I dont know
What they Done I[t] for unless they Wanted
to wate until they them that are on
Furlows Get Home I expect to Come Home
in A few weeks if they stay Hear
ad they will let me I Want you to write
to me and let me Hear from you all
How you are A Get ting on with the
[page 2]
Crop I Donot sea any Earthly Chance
for the War to last lond tho I cannot
tell Any thin A bout it But times looks
pretty Gloomy I Calnnot Hear of all
them Guns that We Heard of Before We left
Home there Was A patalien left Hear
the other mor ning and Half ove them
Had thes Little old short shot Guns
their 15.00 Hundred men Here Now
and Not A Gone A monxt them A
Jentleman Was Here this mor from
vicks Burg and said their was min
A vicks Burg that Had No Gun
I think that they Bee in A slim
place of Ice if the Yankees Attacks
the[m] and no Guns I must come to
A Close I am your until Death

T J C Harman
Elisabeth Harman

tel Diner and Mary that I
Donot Waunt them to Quit Work
Because I am Gon

[2] Direct your letter to
private T J C Harman
Colo Colbert Regimen
in Care of Captain

  1. caln = can, see “Calnnot” below
  2. Added at top right of page 1
May 22, 1862


Co. I, 40th Mississippi Infantry
Residence (County): 
Kemper County, MS


Residence (County): 
Kemper County, MS


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Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
May, 2014
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