Marion Hill Battery N 2 March the 7th

Dear Ma
I have bin thinking
for some time that I would write
you a fiw lines but when
ever I would comemence writing some
thing would prevent it but there
is no news of intrust at present
that will in terrest you al
Ours box came to hand that
you al sent to us and evry thing
came safe that was in it I dont
think that it could have come in
much better time than it did
Ma I know you cold not have
keep from laughing if you could
have seen Billy Reid when it came
as soon as we come menced braking it
opin the box Billy Reid come menced
laughing and said what a good thing
it was to have a Farther and Mother
I reckon that Brother gave you al
[page 2]
a full histry of the
election and what grate injudice
was don him by the officers
The health of the company is not
quite so good as it have bin for
the last fiw days months some few
new recruits have come in and we
are looking for more to day or to
marrow the furlow system have
broken down and there will be
no more well furlows granted I
think that they had better give
furlows for if they dont doit the
soldiers will go home any how
thare is some in our company said
that they will go home if they
dont give furlows
Ma I want you to take care of my
new shirt and draws that I sint
in Kits box I sent them home
becase I had more than I could take
I want you to send me 2 pair
of socks as 2 pair of min got lsed [lost?]
[page 3]
tell Johnny and Abbey I want
to see then very bad and they
must be good boys and keep the
hrses and hogs fat until I come
home give my respects to al of
the servants and kiss the Babby
for me write as soon as you
recive this for I am so anxious to
hear from you al your affectionate
son Pinckney Anthony

March 7, 1863


Co. B, 10th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery
Residence (County): 
Bedford County, VA


Name Variant: 
Ma of Pinkney Anthony
Residence (County): 
Bedford County, VA


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Nicole Teghtmyer
Transcription Date: 
August, 2009
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2009

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