Camp rowen Marion Station
October the 6 1861
Dear Miss it is throwe the kind murcies of
god that I imbrase this opurtunity to in
forme you that I am tolerable well at this
time a hope ing when thease lines coms
to hand you may be a injoy the Same
like blsing of god I have nothing of importance
to rite to you onley I wod like to see you
one time more for of all lonsum dayes that
I ever Spen it has bin Sece I lef you theire
is nothing that imuses me I dont beleve
I ever will See any more plasur fore the love
I have fore thee never can repay thee det of love I owe
to thee Jane you Said that in yore letter that
I receive from you that you thought it a
grat honor to be promist in maridg to Such
a one as eye but you think it no more
honor than I dwo I [t]hink it a grat honor
confurd on me I feld my Self hightley
honord to think that you wold mry me
deare friend you dont know the love
I hav fore thee I have not languedg to expr
esse when I think of th ples word that have past
when Sed by Sed the lovly words that have
fallen from yore Sweet lips
turne over
[page 2]
Jane I think that you will be tiard a reading
my leteter it is so badly com pose
it may be that I can writ some thin
g that will inturest you a little more
a bout the wore and a bout the Calado
nia Rifles they get the prase every
where they go they got the prase in collum
buss and they got the prase here of being
the best drilld company in the in camp
ment Jane I think that I will
Come home to Swe [1] you all in a Short
time if we dont leave here
captin rowen thinkes that we will
be order in one from here to Ship ilant
and if we are I wont get to Swe you
any more but if we never meet
on urth I hope we may m[?]et in heav
ens excuse bad righting and Spelling
I mus bring my letter to a close

wright to me
nothing more at present onley

you remain my deare friend untill deate

From yore love ing friend
John N. Dale to Sarah J Honnoll

  1. Swe = see
October 6, 1861


Co. D, 24th Mississippi Infantry


Residence (County): 
Monroe County, MS


From State: 
From Note: 
Camp Rowen


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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