Veronay [1] Dec 22 1861

Dear Sister I lift my pen to ansur your letter
I will sa to you that I and famly ar in
tolarable helth at this time and hoping when
thos screbled Lines comes to hand will find
you all Enjoying a resonable potien of helth
likewis I will sa to you that Alexander is go
ing a bout the wond is a healing up fast the
wond was on the top part of the thigh grasein
g the bon and leaven a bout the breath of one
finger on the top of scin was not cut out
I think it will not make him Much Lame
he talk of goin back as soon as the thinks that
he can stand the march Jane I hav nothing mu[ch]
to right only General Jonsa has whip the yankes
out a gain near leas burg with great ods
ther was 5 thus [2] aganst 12 and our little
numbre whip them bad and the war has baga
n and blow ye the trumpet sound the invade
ar is beefor us the war is began no more on
that I will sa to you that I cant Com down this
winter I want to go up to Tennesee for the wid
ar she sends me word to Com and the the wida
will Come home with me you will pleas tak
this as a famly letter and Conection two
I want you to right wher alexander McGaughey
childrens is and what T Polk and famley is
doing no time only broth untill death [he?]

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him demands J. P. McGaughey
Dear neas with plasur I lift my pen
to right a few lines ansur to your riquest
I will sa to you that I rot the poticlers of
the wond the war has begun and blow
ye the trumpet sound afar old franc & spain
and Englon has taken parts with the suney
South from the new part below the war trum
pet bunch I want you to com and the Rest of fam
[ily?] ther is not half as many black snak to
run you Ros [3] sends her lov to one and all of the
conection the Children sends ther Lov and hody
Cosin all of them bunch [3] I must come to a
Close for you will be tired of reading this
bad righten no mor only yur obedent
sir J P Mcgaughey
I would have rot
mor but D B will right soon from [wht ?]
[he is?]

Bunch I want you to right when your
Cosen is a [hom?] that Elizabeth Mcgaughey
and Syler and have thomas polk and
family long William honnoll is a liven and
at hom if hee ant right

  1. Verona, Mississippi
  2. thus = thousand
  3. Ros = his wife, Rosannah McGaughey
  4. “Bunch” must be a nickname for his niece
December 22, 1861


Residence (County): 
Itawamba County, MS


Residence (County): 
Monroe County, MS
Name Variant: 
Dear neas
Residence (County): 
Marion County, MS


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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