Fernandina Florida
Miss R A Honnoll Camp Miss Dec 25th 1861
My very Dear friend I take my pen in hand
to drop you a few lines to let you no that
I am well at this time hoping that those
lines may find you and all my friends
enjoying the same blesing of god I have nthing
of intrest to rite to you. Bunch I wont you
to rite to me if you please and tel me the
resen my friends has for saken me it is but little
pleasuer for me to live I had rather be Ded than
to of [hopd of?] one that I give my heart befor I
left old monroe but I under stand She has forsaken
me if that is So you will be a friend to me if
you will let me no if my heart is broken if
that be So and I hav herd it time and again
I wil try to out live it though if I can if it
So I never will See my native home again I rite a
letter ever two Weekes and has ever sence I left
home but hav not resceived one letter from her
I love Give my love to all inquring friend
and tell them that not [???] to rite to me to
Save thare paper and ink for I intend to
[page 2]
Ever chanc I get I will rite to those that
rites to me for I think when a person will not
rite to me that it wod be folley in me to rite
to them and more than that I will not do it
if I hav done any thing to a friend that
is rong ever things ask of them is to tell me so
and it will all be rite with me if it is not I will
my umost to Satisfi thar feelings.

Bunch we are her a thousand miles from
home and two thousand from any where
elce this little Town here the citizins has all left
homes and property her for us mississippian
to protect for them it hurts my feelings

I must bring my letter to a close

By saying I remain your friend

until Death

James R. Dale


Miss R. A. Honnoll



December 25, 1861


Co. D, 24th Mississippi



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December, 2011
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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