Camp Miss Fernandina Florida

January the 5 th 1862
Deare friend it is with greate pleasur that
I lift my pen to rite you a fewu lines this eave[rt?]
g[et?] to let you knowu howu I am getting a long
in campes I havent Sawu any Satisfaction Sence I
left home The watter that wee hav to drink here
is ant fiten to use I never was rased on good things
but I had Some bodey to cook fore me and one that
cod Cook vuitels that I cod eat if I live till
this wore endes they wont get me in another Soon
and I hope and pray that it will end so all of
us can retur to our homes then I will enjoy
my Self with hur I love letter than all the rest
the love I have fore thee I have not languig
to expres but it may be that I will never See that smiling
face and here the voise of hure the voise of hur
I love and See the Sweet Smile of hur that I
have enjoyed my Silf with but I will look
foreward to the day may come when we will
muet to part no more when I will enjoy
yore love I must bring my letters to a close I
must tell you a bout yore brothers they are
[page 2]
bothe Sick biley has had the feaver but he
is a mending hugh has got the mumps I dont beleave
that I said eany thing a bout them being sick +
in my [other?] leter I rot to you
wee have had a grat deal of Sicknes in the rgmeant
Brother [J???] is Sick he was taken last night
but thank god I have escape So long I havent
bin Sick Sence I had the measels I must bring
my letter to a close you must rite to me as
often as you can and I will do the Same
from yore love ing friend John Dale

to Sarah J Honnoll
Direct yore letter to florida fernandina

Mississippi Volintwiers 24 regment

Caladonia Reifles

January 5, 1862


Co. D, 24th Mississippi Infantry


Residence (County): 
Monroe County, MS


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Camp Mississippi


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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