Miss Tishamingo County Feb the 9 1862 [1]

Dear cosins and Relations
I Seat my Self down one time more to
Write to you a few line so inform you that
We are all well at present hoping when thease
few lines comes to hand they will find all injoying
The Same good Blessing. the excitement in this
County is great conserning the war Most all of
Our Neighbours have volonteerd for the war thar is
3 companeys maid up in this county Last weak
And thay was all in 5 and 8 miles of the Settlement
James have Joind one of them for the war his comp
any have one hundred and 26 men in it thay was
Musterd into survice the 7 of this inst and have gon
To Correnth to head quarters I will inform you that
William Jefferson was in that hard fight at fort
Dolison he faught three days and nites in the intrench
ments in mud and water and Snow Shumouth deep
I have never got no letter from him get cence
tho Battel Some Say he is [taken?] prisner and Some Say [2]
He is not I Saw one of his men that left that
Morning about day lite he sed that Billie was not
Hurt in the fight and he did not now whether he
Was taken prisner or not he sas that Jefferson
Faught like a tiger all [????] thew the Battel
I am a fraid [that?] he is a prisoner there was only one
Man killd in his company our prisners was all taken
to the state of ohio to camp Duglass [3] the Captan
of the company Maid his escape and run and left
His men I have noe use for Such a man as he
is and I doo hope he will [goe?] out office and some
good man will Stomp him in the ground his
Name is R. B. Allen there is going to be a Big fight
in Tennessee all of our men have fell Back an
on the lines of Tenn fore
[page 2]
I want you to write to me as soon as you can and
Tell me whare Billey and Hue is there have bin thousands
of men went up this Road last weak it may be [that?]
thay are at Correnth now if See James will See
them there is ten thousand men there now the
yankes have Run up tennessee River twist with
thar gun Boats the last time they came they got
A good whiping at Hamburg 30 Miles from my
House my Dear Cosins what will be the end of this
War or when will it end god only knows you dont
Know the trobel that my Self [and] wife have Seen
About Jefferson and now James is gon for the war
It is troble uppon troble you know Something about
it your selvs I expect to go my self and if I doo
I dont know what to doo with my little famly
The two little Boys is not able to make a support
for thar Mother and little Margret But I will
leave them in the hands of thar Neighbours and
thar god for protection your old unkel and ant
Is a well as can [??] they send thar Best love
And Respects to you par wants to see you verry
Bad he is [?????] to the war he was 84 years
old this february your ant 79 if I live untill
the war Brakes I intend to come and see you
Cirtin I want to you all powful Bad P. A. Hannoll
Had a long spell of the measels and mompes after
He came home from his 60 days surves But he
is now well and his little wife aulsoe write
To me soon Soe Nothing more at present onley
Remains your Cosin untill Death

Moses Honnoll and famley

To R. B. Honnoll and famley

  1. the date is a mistake. W. J. Honnoll was captured on February 15.
  2. stains in page
  3. Some went to Camp Chase, Ohio and some to Camp Douglas, Illinois
Date Note: 
February 1862


Residence (County): 
Tishomingo County, MS


Residence (County): 
Monroe County, MS


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Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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