Bethel ten 25 miles north of

Correnth 6th 18:62
Head Quarters 24th Miss Regament Aprile the

my vary Dear friend
it is with grate pleasure that I once more
take my pen in hand to write you a fiew
lines to let you no that I am well at
this time hoping that when those lines
Come to hand they may find you in
good health billy and hugh are boath well
and John Dale and all the rest of
they boys that is here my Dearest I hav not
mutch to writ at this time more than
I want too seyou worse than ever for
you are on my my mind all the time you are
not absent from my mind one hour at atime
and it makes my heart ache to think that
it ma be that I ma never see you a gane
but I will liv in hop I hop that I ma
get home that I ma look in too them loving
eyes that I ma see that smiling fase a gane
it makes the teers start down
my cheek to think that this ma be my last
letter to you and it ma make you uneasy
though you ned not be for I will writ ever
chanc they talk that they will stop us
from writing back too our friends and then
you will not think hard of me I hop for I
will writ every chance and you will not
acuse me of loving a nother for if I writ
to anna one it will be you I am writing
this for I think that I will hav the chanc
of sending it with aman in the Regament
nearly there and then mail it wee hav not
had a battle yet but I cant tell how son
we ma hav to goin to one and it makes my
hand trimble to think I will never return to one that
has be come so Dear to me and if we are
ever to met on eart a gane I hop and
[page 2]
and trust that we ma met where
parting wil be no more when
we will liv to gether for ever and there
is one thing Cinda if I fall in battle
oh never for git me on[e] who will Di for you
I doant think that you will for
you no that I lov you as Dear as I lov
my life though I am not sattish fied
with out I can see you for I can talk
better than I can writ I no what you
write is true foryou hav told me that
you never would for git me Cinda I
am a going to send Nancy a short [note?]
which you can send it to hur by hellen
Givans I[f] you can git that Ring I want
you to hav it if shewill give it up
send it to hur if you hav not got it
and I want you to sealit for I hav
nothing to seal it I want you to
writ with Elison and writ son as you
can I must Close
for this time writ son as you
can and tell me all the news
I am yours forever in thy arms is
all I ask I lov you as ever reseiv my
lov to your self I lik all of you
but you are the onla one I want
thene far wel

Z N Givens to C C Hom

C C Honnoll
Giv my lov to al the girls that
is your sisters and tell them to writ
to me if they will and if you

April 6, 1862


Co. D, 24th Mississippi


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Catherine Pettijohn
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December, 2011
M. Ellis
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December, 2013

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