Correnth miss may the 16th 1862

Dear friendes
it is with the gratest of pleasure that
I lift my pen to writ you a short
letter which leaves me in well al this
time but I am still able to go about
an stand at my post which I hav not
faled to do since I had the mesels and
I hope that those lines ma reach you
in good time and find you all well
and in the in joyment of good health
I hav not anna thing to writ that will
interest you more than Billy and Hugh
and J N Dale and all the rest of the
monroe Boys are well onla Wm thomas
and W E Pulen and they are bothe
amending and I hop that they will
still be able to go when we are ord erd
and not hav to leav them in camps
there is a bout 90 in our compana and
there is onla thurty six that is able
for Duty and the rest that is not
Down and is able to they hav to go out
with us or be [cloed?] we all ceep in good
hart and if it was not for that wee
would misrable but we think that we
will all get home be fore long and if wee
hav such good luck as that there will be more
that will be better sattish fied than
what they are now and I no one that will
giv more than t[h]ey will at home but
I fear that it will be longer than we think
for but I will liv in hope if I d[?] in dy
pore you must not think hard of
me for not writing to you sooner than
what I hav for you no the chanse that
we hav to writ in Camps
[page 2]
you must excuse all my bad writing
for there is so mutch fus cept that no one
Can think where they liv at and when
they git to that you no it is a bad chanc
I look forward to that hapy day when
we may go back home and liv with our
friends you still here that we are a fight
ing but we hav not yet and as for being
taking prisners wee hav not and I hop and trust
that we will never be as long as the war
ends them boys as got off at last and
them boys that has come here is not
mutch help for they are all sick they most
of them is I am sorry that G R dale
is not able to come but I doant want
him to come un till he is able to stand
it I mus bring my leter to a Close fr
this time writ to me son for I
want to here from you all I would
be glad to here from anna if you evera
Day tell all of them to writ to me
as son as they can giv my best respects
to all the rest and reseiv a portion
too yourself no more at this time
but still remanes your friend un till
Death Z N Givens

[Ann?] Honnoll

May 16, 1862


Co. D, 24th Mississippi


Name Variant: 
“Dear friendes”


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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