Camps Neare Tupulo Miss

Maxeys Brigade June 21th/62

Deare Father and Mother it
one time more that I Seat my self to
drop you a few lines to let you know
that I am well at this time hoping
those lines may reach you in Due
time and find you enjoying the
same blesing of god I received
a letter the other Day from Jane
Honnoll which stated that you was
improving in your health this is
all the time I have hiard from
home sence I left I have writeng
you towo or three letters and have
not herde from you . John is well
and doing well I am enjoying my
Self finley I will come home by
the fifteent of July if I have good
luck Wright to me Soon Give my
love to all Enquiring friends So no more
at present J. R. Dale Tel Sarah to Wright
to me I want to k[k]ow if Jim is well and gon
to his company til to excus me and I will Wr[??]
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To Miss S. J. Honnoll
Jane I received your kind letter
Which Come to hand Day before yesterday
I was very much pleased to heare from you
though it was sorrow to me to here that
my unkle was no more and to heare
that your Father and Rosanah Was Sick
I hope they will soon get well again
jane I have nothing to wright
to you at this time tell Rosanah that
I can not find Dickson nor heare of
him tell here that I will wright
to here as soon as I find where he is
Jane I want you all wright to me
you wanted me to wright to you
whether letters woud come by mail or
not thar is nothing to hender that
I know of Give my love and respects
to all the the girles and take a portion
to your Self from your friend J. R. Dale

P. S. Tell Miss M. M. Honnoll
howdey for me and tell her to
excus me for not writing to here this
time and I will wright soon [???]

June 21, 1862


Name Variant: 
“Deare Father and Mother”
Residence (County): 
Monroe County, MS


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Catherine Pettijohn
Transcription Date: 
December, 2011
M. Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2013

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