<While gerod riten this leter?>

Lebanon KY october the 27th //62

Dear Sisters
I thought that this
would be a very good time to answer
your letters which I Received last Friday
I am now in lebanon I came in here
Early this morning and have had my
team standing in the street all day and
waiting for a load of provisions I do
cant leave my wagon for the provost gards
are all around and if they catch a fellow
away from his team they grab him and
take him to the gard house and then he has
to work his passage out carying wood or something
through the street where Everbody can look at
him and you know that I am bashful I
wouldent like that our Regment are about 4
miles from this place they are ordered to
Boldengreen in this state 65 miles from here
the order was to start this morning but it
was countermanded on the account that some
of the Boys were Barefooted and it is a little
[page 2]
to cold weather to march so far barefooted I
suppose that we will start as soon as they can
draw shoes we may draw our overcoats too
we need them Badly saturday night the snow
fell about 4 inches deep and yesterday was a ruff
sunday i hawled would all day nearly with
one span of mules thats keeping the sabath holy
aint it I cant tell sunday from any other
day here I have to do the same work on sunday
that I do any other day but we are sold for
three years and forty dollars payed in advance
so let her rip I say I am good for it if
any of them are a good many of our boys
have given out and got sick Wallis Murry
and Sam Idle and Jesse Comer are in the
hospital wallis Murry was very sick the last we
herd of him Jesse Comer had the Rheumatiz
and there is another Boy by the name of
Peter Glover in this town in the hospital
he has the lung fever
I am afraid that he will die. you was not aquainted with him he
lives in hanging grove he is a good Boy
we have only about 50 men in Company A
that are fit for duty our captain is not well
[page 3]
he caught a very bad cold and it setled
on his lungs and he is grunting some
I am Setting in the fore End of my wagon
riting I can see too hundred and fifty secesh
Prisners they have them all standing in line
waiting for the cars to send them to Louisville
they was taken saturday. they have taken
seven dead men a past me in less than one
hour they died in the hospital and they were
taking them down to put them on the cars
to send them Back to their friends I would
hate to send such a presant to any of my
friends I supose that you girls have fine
times since Jim openchain and Foster
have Both got Back go it while you are
young there is some chaps in our Company
that would sell out very cheap if they could
get to go home Jay openchain is as fat as
a Buck he stands it Bully I saw Wingate
downing the other day he was well and fat
as Ever I have had a slight touch of the
goo outs or the kentucky quick step, and I aint
thriving as fast as I was but I guess that I
will get fat this winter if I have my health
[page 4]
I was weighed to day I weighed one
hundred and forty one pounds you
can tell that I have not lost much
flesh yet I would like to see you
all very well but I dont know when
I will for I dont see any sign of this
war closing, but I dont hear any news
here I will have to close my short letter
Excuse all mistakes and Believe me asyour

friend Whit
to Bet and Mary

October 27, 1862


87th Indiana Infantry (Co. A)
Private (later First Sergeant)
Residence (County): 
Jasper County, IN


Residence (County): 
Jasper County, IN


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February, 2015
M. Ellis
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March, 2015

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