Camp Triune April the 10th 1863, Friday, morning

Dear wife I Received
a letter from you dated 3 of this month day before
yesterday of and I was glad to hear from you
but sorry to hear that you had not got my letters
for I have written to you Ever few days since
I have been in this camp and I sent you
ten dollars in one letter and I would hate
to loose that if I knew whether you had
got it or not I would send some more in
this letter as I guess that we will draw more
soon I am sorry that you are <so?> oneasy
about me for I am well and hearty and
can Eat Enough for 2 men of my size I dont
have to cook any now as we have a Niger Boy
to cook for us and he is a Bully cook
If I get sick and have to go to the hospital
you will hear it as soon as a letter can
Come through for as soon as one of our boys
are sent to the Hospital the officers writes to
their friends and tells therm them what Hospital
they are sent to so that if they want to come and
see them that they will know where to come
but I hope that I will keep my health till this
thing is wound up ≡ turn over
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I will tell you what I have Been doing this
week. a monday morning our Regt was ordered
to go Back to Nolenville to meet a train and
gard it through to camp Nolenville is about 7 miles
from our camp we went there and waited till
the train came and it was very late before it
came and Capt Hammond was with the
train we got into Camp about sun down
and we was then ordered to have one days
Rations in our haver sacks and be ready to
march at one oclock the next morning so
on tuesday morning our Brigade all marched
at one oclock and we marched to a little
town called Eagleville which is 121/2 miles off. we did
<not?> find any Rebels there our cavalry run them
out before we got there so we started Back
to camp we stoped at a little stream called
Harpeth one Hour for to get our Breakfast and
rest a little and when we started from there
some of our Boys set fire to a large church
which stood close By which the Rebels had
used as a camp or picket Post it made
a splendid fire and we passed a farm owned
by a man by the name of Win he is a
Major in the Rebel army there was no body living
in the house but there was lots of fine furniture
and one fine Piano the Boys took some of the chairs
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and Brought them into camp with them
but as soon as our Brigade passed the
House took fire and Burned down it made
a very prety fire for it was a very large 2 story
frame house and was very finely fineshed off
I dont know of as fine a house in Jasper County
as it was our Boys took all the Cattle and sheep
and hogs that was on the farm and drove them into
the camp where we arrived about noon making 25
miles we had marched that morning and the next
morning we went out foraging and marched 20 miles
that day and I tell you old whit was a little
tired when he got into camp and there we got orders
to march again yesterday morning at 3 oclock so we
was up and had our Breakfast and Everything
ready But we only marched out and stacked
arms on the Color line and did not go out
of Camp So I had to make out a pay muster
Roll yesterday of all the men we have in our Company
So they will send it to Indianapolis and then
they will draft Enough to or send Enough drafted
men to fill our camp any up again wont that
be Bully us little tickey assed officers will get
to drill them if it dont make them lather I am
mistaken I think that this war will fizle out this
summer. this is a beautiful country the fruit trees
are all out an Bloom and the ground scattered
[page 4]
over with pretty flowers it makes it
lovely I have my writing desk decorated
with flowers all the time if I get time
to day I will go out and get some fresh flowers
I wish I was with my little woman gathering
flowers it would be so nice wouldent it
frant and little amy I know that she would
be so much company for me you spoke
about us being together last Easter I thought
of it a good many times last sunday
wee could not get any Eggs for Easter so we
done without them take good care of yourself
and the little ones and maby I will get
to see you some time, dont run around
very <much?> for I dont want you to do like
<Luce?> be in town half of your time and some
place Else the rest of your time but consider yourself
at home at mothers and do just as you would
if I was at home so I will have to close my
poorly ritten letter hopin to hear from you often
so good by my little woman from your
affectionate Husband

to Frances Israel

April 10, 1863


87th Indiana Infantry (Co. A)
Private (later First Sergeant)
Residence (County): 
Jasper County, IN


Residence (County): 
Jasper County, IN


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February, 2015
M. Ellis
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March, 2015

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