Piedmont .. Via July 19
Dear Father & Mother
Brothers & Sisters
I take the
opportunity this evening to write
you afew Lines to Let you know
that am well But awful
tired & wore out Being on a force
march ever since yesterday at 12
oclock We are on our way to mana
sas Junction to help Beauregguard
the yankies have give him a very
hard fight They fought all day
yesterday & were to go at it again
this morning at 7 oclock I
hear that Beaureguard has whiped
them Bad We had about 21000
men and the enemy about 50000
I saw a man to day that was at
the fight yesterday He said there
was a great many killed on both
sides But he thought Beaureguard
has killed about 5 - to .1.
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The Report is that Beaureguard
Slaid about 2000 of the enemy
I never saw as many tired men
in our Ranks at one time as we had
last knight We travailed all knight
untill about 3 oclock We then Lay
down and slept one hour and a half
We are now waiting for the train
to take us to the enemy Where we
expect to fight & if I am spared
through the Battle I will give you
all the particulars I think we will
have a fight at Alexandre before
Long & then you need [not?] be supprised
if there is not an effort made to take
Washington City We are not a great
ways from Washington now. Old
General Scoot has made a proposition
for both sides to take 50000 men
apeice and have a fight and decide
the question I dont know whether he
will be taken up or not. It is my
opinion we are going to have warm
times Right away I think their
intention is to whip us right off if the can
[page 3]
The Boys are all well except
Robert Wood and Roth that is
from our neighbourhood, And they
have got the measles in Winchester
I think we Left about thirty of our
men sick not able to travel. One out
of our company died the other
day with pneumonia His name was
A B Allien he come from the neigh
-bourhood down about Hawkinses He was
a very stout hearty Boy. Well I must
quit writing at this time Wrte to me
Direct your Letter to winchester I have
not received But one Letter from you
since I Left home Give my Respects
to Jessee and Margaret & to patsy Mor &
Mrs Montgomery also Nothing more
at present But Remains your son
untill Death
Wm G Agnew

July 19, 1861


Company B, 9 GA Infantry


Agnew Patriarch
Agnew Matriarch


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December, 2012

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