Buelah Chatham County June the 13 1862
Dear Margaret I now Seat my Self to
drop you a few lines for the for chance I
have had to rite to you and Margaret
I would give all I posess if I could
be back with you and the childring and
could Stay with you I no that
I never can want to see you and
them any worse than I do now
god bless there little sweet fases
I hope I will see them a gain
Some time a gain I have the
blews the worst that I ever had
them in my lief but one reson is
I have bin a bout half Sick
ever sence I left home but dont
you get out of heart to I am setting
out under a oak befor the tent
door rite where I where I can see
the broad atlantick ocean the camp
is on the bank of the vernon
River 7 miles from the mouth and 14
miles from Savannaah a South west
direction on our camp is on a high
[page 2]
bluff and is mightey prettey place
if thare was not much long moss
but that makes it look dismal to
me the Sun is hot and the warter
bad [Just?] rite now thare is a stemer
in site of here but that is noe
new thing here thare is Some
in site ever day or two I have bin
here but a bout 3 hours I did not
get to leave Atlanter untel wendsdy
mornig and got to Savannah Thursday
mornig and the companey had moved
down here and come down as fere
as baleys Reg and stayed thare all
night and down here this Eavnig
I had to pay my way from macan
to Savannah if I do get down sick I
will Telgraph to you margaret you
rite to me Just as often as you can
and I will do the same to you for you
that It will be a great consolation
to here from you
[page 3]
I cannot rite how I will
like the camp yet I will rite
the perticlers next time I rite Kiss
all the Babeys for me the comp is fixing
to go out to drill so I must close
so fare well for this time A

Dirct Care of

I forgot the invelups
in Atlanta

June 13, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Modern-day Fulton

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Shiloh Peters
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July, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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