Beauliur Ga June 15 1862
Deare Margaret
I now Seat my
Self to Let you how I am getting
a long I have got the blues
as bad as ever but I feel sum
better my mess is 5 besides my
Self there names Henry Baker [1]
Axon minton John Minton Joe King
& Nute Russell and thare all from cobb co [2]
& Gentelmen of them It is as bad
[are?] [disappointed?] in about the [cam?]
it is not the comp we taken it
to be a heap and if my mess was
out tha would stay out to shore
we are Station in the dangers place
thar is on the coast down in a
neck of land and onley one narrow
place to get out at and the
yankeys are in 3 miles of us now
I saw there Signel lights last
night and this is Sunday a bout two
Oclock and it has bin the lonesums
day that ever went over my head
in my lief shore
[page 2]
I Saw John frost this morning
he is camped a in 150 yds from
where we are camped and I recon
he was the gladest man to see
me you ever Saw in your lief
my box come through all right
the bread was all Spoilt and a
part of the cakes Margaret I have
Spent the most of the day in reading
the Bible and I shall keep it up
to and Looking at your picture
to and if I Just could see you
and the dear little childring no
tung could tell the Joy it would
be to me but I hope we will see
one a nother a gain and we dont
try to raise them so that we will
all meet in the reamls of Eternnal
Glory I no I have set a bad
example before them but I see
my earer now if ever I do get back
I shall Ledd a diferent lief if thare
I would Freeley give warren for
a Substitute Margaret you must
be in good cheer as you can
[page 3]
under the circumstances
as you can dont grieve about
it I have not drilled nare a
time Since I come here
I Shall have go out on
picket dutey to night I
tryed my Gun yesterday
a crost the river wich is 500
yds here and I hit Just
in the Edge of the warter
that was good Shooting Shore
you need not Send me any
invelups I baught a pack
here to day for 30 cts that is
cheaper than I could have
done up thare teel Father he
must rite and so must
Joe dont Say any thing a bout
me being So disheartned maby
thare be a chance to get a
Substitute I want you to rit at
least twice a week and will
I rite to you as often as I can Kis
the [Babeys?] Kiss them Sweet little Babeys
[page 4]
for me and tell them it is for
pappa rite soon and often
So I must close I remain
ever affectionnet Husband
[til death?] So good by
A.J White

  1. Baker, the Mintons, King, and Russell all served in the 21st GA Cav. Batt.
  2. Cobb County, GA
June 15, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Modern-day Fulton

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Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
July, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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