Camp Hardee Nere Savannah Aug 30 1862
Dear Margaret I now Seat my Self on a box to drop you
these lines to let you no where I am &c I Left Atlanta
on Tuesday morning and got to Savannah on wends
morning and come on down here to campe got
here a bout 10 Oclock I went down to Beulieu
on Thursday and got my money from Banks & I Joined
Maguirk co on foryday I have not dun any dutty yet
but will have to commenc this Eavning and t[?]
tomorrow I will have to go on picket to Duch
Island wich is a bout three miles from here it is
powerful hot here now & the warter bad a nuff for
any thing and thare is a good deal of sickness now
in Camps the Small Pox is a bout ¾ of a mile from
here but I dont think thare is any danger of it
spread ing it was braugt here on a vessell that
run the blockade and tha cannot come to the shore
you must send me Some thing to eat the first chance
you got for we do not get any to much here and
I am a fraid it will get wurse I Should like
to have some brandy two you have no Ider how
bad I want to See you and the childern you must
kis them for me & perticler little Faney and cher up your self
the best you can in my absence I hope I will get to
come home some time I want you to
come and see me when cold wether comes
shore if I was able to hire a substitute I would
not stay here a day for it is any thing elce but
a pleasant or desireable place for me stay
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30 Aug 8 Oclock at night
you need not send me any more clothing untel
I rite for it for if we was to have to move
I should have to throw it a way
I do not have much notion we will
move from here but we mite have to
move amediately I sent my picture by father
I will have it taken a gaine as soon as I get
my uniform wich will be soon Salt is worth
6 dollars a Bushell here I think I shall buy sum
and Send it home after a wile It would
[??] like five hundered to make Salt here now
thar is some 15 or 20 Salt works going on here
now Margaret when frost comes you must come
and See me for dont no when I can get to come
not before christmast then it will not be but ten days
furlow then Brandy is Selling here for 5 dollars
a quart I want you to take this money I send you
by J Danforth and buy 20 gallons of Brandy and
Send me 5 gallons at a time I can Sell it at
10 dollers a gallon and not be in no Danger at
all my self I want you to be sure and buy it
soon as you get the money & have me the 5 gallons
sent by Exspress that is the only way to be sure to get it
you nead not be afraid that I will get in adifficulty
about for thare will no danger I want you
to get Gid to make a box and put a hasp and lock &
kee to it and send me sum meat to & some fruit to be
sure & send the brandy soon I will rite as soon as I get
back from off picket wich will Monday dinner
sofarewell at present take care of the Babys so farewell
A.J. White
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Margaret rite soon and often as you
Can if of you gets sick you must Let
me no a mediately Direct your letter to me
Care Capt Maguirk 30 Ga Vols Company C
Box 80

August 30, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Camp Hardee


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Modern-day Fulton

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Shiloh Peters
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July, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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