Savannah Ga Sept 1 1862
Dear Margaret I have
Just got back off of pickett & eat my diner
and have comensed a letter to you went [1]
Started yesterday morning to Duch Island
wich is a bout 3 miles from here we have
to go thare on a Steam Boat and So you
see how I spent Sunday I spent on picket
and fighting musketoes galanippers & Scratching flees
for tha are the worst thare I ever Saw
in my lief by half the only way to see
a minuts peace is to make a big Smoke
and Stand in it we see hard times here
for Some thing to eat Shore what we
draw we take migty good care of I have
not went in to mess as yet I have bin
Staying with John Danforth So far
the tents are all mightey bad but we
will draw new Ones Soon tell Joe if he
has to go to come here to this companey
but if I was in his place I would give
half what I had for a Substitute be fore I would
go in to Service & he would to when he trys
it for he will never Stand
[page 2]
if I could get one for warren I would do it
quick I had as soon be in this company
as any & I think I will become content
with my lot for I noe I Shall have to
be in Service Some where I am a heap
better Satisfyed here than I was when
I was with Banks the day I went
down to Bealien tha was 5 Gun Boats
in three miles of thare I looked through Capt Banks
Spy glass at them I could see the stars
Strips very plane and see them
walki[n]g a bout on the boat the vessell that
while I was on Duch Island I got
you some Pallmettoe to you a hood
it is the [????] you ever saw
and I got Budey a pice for a walking
stick and I got Some Shells for the
childern I will get sum more the next
time I go on pickett I will Send them
by manning gore when he comes home
wich will be soon I would be glad to
here from you all & if any of you gets
Sick I want you to Let me no about it

  1. wwet = we?
September 1, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Modern-day Fulton

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Shiloh Peters
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July, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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