pag 1st
6th of September 1862 Campbell Co Gea
we are all well as commern your pople
are all as well as you cold Exspect them
Margreet is up and a bout and appers
quite purte nothen has taken place
since you left worth riten a bout
what branda is made this year is bote
up by speckelaters at $4 pr gal I no of non
for sale now under $5 pr gal se[e]d wheat
is selin at $6 pr bushel I have hern of
sum selin at $7 pr bushel up in cobb
Wm J Rusel told me he saw $7 paid for
sum there is no good flour can be bot
now under $15 pr hundred wate corn
is down to one Dollar pr bushel
since the con Scrip law has past
Exstenden to take all from 18 to 45 there
is a good meney a goin of[f] to Join sum
where G..O.. Mosley Fulce and severil others
John Butner and several others I perswade
the boys to come on down to Maguirts
campt and Join I dont no as yet what
thea will do thea all sa thea wont wate
to be conscriped Wm Causey has got in
at the factarre to save him self from [1]
the conscrip tern over to pag 2nt
[page 2]
Mcdanels rigment is orderid onto Nashville
I dont no whether thea ware in the
battle at cumberlin gap or not the crosid
the river sum 3 or 4 days before the battle
and was orderid on a force Merch for
Nashville is a cordin to Jenerel report
now Anda I am goin to advise
you a gain defend your rits when
truley your ar im posid on but do ite
in a hi mindid onorable way a cordin
to circumstances be shore to act onorable
with all your fellow solgers and be a
bedint to all the orders of your officers [2]
from corpel to the first in command
& have no privet secrets dont be trien to
deseve non nether privet solder ner oficer
but provet by your conduct and acts thru
out that you have true reguard for truth
and onor in all cases that happen by strictley
carin out this advise you will in prove in
carrecttor gain frends and return home
in a grate state of in joyment meet your
frends well met you with glad harts of the
good name you have Established by your
prudence and good examples set by your doins
and acts camps is a grate place to fulley
[page 3]
pag 3rd
fulley Establish a mans carrecttor let ite
be good or bad it all was gits home before
heders all these things have ther wate a
cordin to what ever is the true
merits of his acts
you rite that salt can be bot at the
rate of six Dollars pr bushel if ite
can be had at that rate by me
five bushels and put ite up in sacks
and send ite up to the savannah depo
in atlanta if you have not got the
money show this leter to J, Danforth and
C..Boin and Wm.. Maguirt and tel them
I have the money at home here and
well faithfulley pay over the a
mount to any person than well direct
me to pay ite to up here if ether of
them will advance the money to pay
for the salt and gitin ite up to the
depo at savanah and have ite sent
to me atlanta gia yours truley
Wade White

I rite a gain in a few days and let you
no all a bout the [mater?] you rote a bout
[rest of post script is faded and cut off]

  1. factory
  2. a bedint = obedient
September 6, 1862



Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


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modern-day Fulton County


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
July, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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