Camp Hardee Sept 11th 62
Nere Savannah
Dear wief I received
your Letter Just now I was
glad to from you but Sorry to
here that little Sisey was Sick you
must take good care of her and
if she gets bad off you send for
a Dr. Jack Bowen brought me the
letter that you sent by him
you have no Ider how much
consolation it is to me to here
from you I am not well at this
time but I am able to do duty we have
bin on duty ever day this week
that is the reson I have not
writen to you before now I was
on gauord Sunday & Sundy night
and come off Mundy at 12 Oclock
and Mondy Eavning about
Sundown we got orders to go
to whit Marsh Island reencourntering
it was reported that the yanks
were landing thare it is about
5 miles from here we got thare
about 10 Oclock and we had to
watch all night and did not
[page 2]
but what we would be
fireed on at any moment it
was a very Solum time with
me Shore we had to go thare in
a yal boat with oarers a gainst
the tide but we did not find any
yanks but we Saw lots of tracks
where that had bin the day before
we stayed untel the next Eavning
I Saw lots of orange trees Just
as full as tha could stick I got
18 to Send home and put them
in my haver Sack and hung them
up in my tent and Sum bodey
Stole them (it beats any plash for Stealing
you ever Saw) Sum body Stole
my paper and invelups while I
was on whit Marsh Island I
Lost my pocket Book but all my
mony was not in it I had
give Wedington 30 dollars to
keap for me the ballance went the
way of all the Earth I do not not
exacly how much tha was in it
I thought Duch Island was bad
anuff for musketoes but it was not
any thing to whit Marsh
[page 3]
we have to go back to whit marsh
on to morrow on picket again
and I had as soon go any
where elce I can say to
you Margaret that I have not
had half enuff to eat since
I come here I never new
what hards times was before
Mondey night when I was
walking up and down on the
beach I could se porpesas
roleing and blowing and
the Shrill notes of the Sead bird
you Just noe that I felt lonesum
and Solitary I could emagine
I could see you and the
childering at home a sleep in your
beds I foud on the Island a
prettyst kind of a little pot hold
a bout a quart and a fine
Globe lamp where the yanks
had I will bring them home
when I come home if I ever
come if tha dont stop ferlowing
I will get to come home in October
[page 4]
I want you to send me
five gallons of Brandy by Danforth
if it cost 10 dollars a gallen and
if Joe dont get it he had better
and if he dont get it you get
Tom to get it for me
yous must rite soon
I feel to bad to rite any
more So [no] more at present only
remain your affectionet
Husband A.J. White

Sept 12

Kiss theme sweet little
childering for me about that
mony I say for you to keap it and
I think it is ungenerouse of Father
to want it now under ever
circumstance Tom White has got
a five gallon keg you can get for 150
if I get down sick I Shall Let you
no amediately and I want you
to come and See me if you think you
are well anuff I will rite you a
gain in a few days so more at present
only remain your affectionet AJW

September 11, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Camp Hardee


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Modern-day Fulton

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July, 2012
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December, 2012

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