Sundy morng Sept 14 1862
Camp Hardee Nere Savannah
Dear Margarett I Seat
my Self thing morning to rite
you a gane when I rote to [you?]
before I rote you that I was
Sick and the night that I rote
to you I thought I Should have
to give it up and die I never
went through with Such a night
but the exception of a coff I am
well now Our Company is gone
on Pickett to day but the wether
was so bad that I did not
go I wanted to go but the Capt
would not Let me go this
morning thare is a cold Estward
ly wind and ever few minutes a
Shower of rain thare is not
more than fore or five of my
Company here to day and we
are quite Lonesume Just while I
am writing now it is raining
Loud as [cannon fire?]
[page 2]
it has bin Cloudy and Cold
here for Several days now
I can Say to you Margaret
let this go as it may I Shall never
forget you and my Sweete little
Babeys I call them all Babbeys
I dont noe wich I want to
See worst I can emagine
I can see you all I dreamed
last night I was at home & thought
I went in to the house and Saw
you all a sleep and waked you
you up & you taken little cissy up
& handed her to me and when
I a woked up I had the pillow
in my armes and you can
better emagine my disappointment than
I could rite it I think of you
and them all the time and
never shall forget you I
think from all circumstances
we will have plenty of fighting
[page 3]
to do here in a Short time if tha
are a going to attack this place
at all and if tha do Margaret you
may rest assured that you will
never here of me shoeing the White
fether and fare as I am conserned
I would not care how soon
tha commese the show I have
always wanted to be in a fight and
from what I here from the boys
in virginia I recon one fight
will Satisfy me from the ways tha
come out but I have got to
where I dont care much
what goes or comes
I have writen home for
Something to eat Sum
four times and have not
got any thing yet I thought
I should be certain to get a
box by Sergant Moris but hes
come in this morning and
[page 4]
brought nothing for me and told
me he did not see any of you
it was such a hard task for
to [??] Father to go and see him
the Travel was so fur and the fatigue
was so great I must forgive them
for not doing it but the next time
I call on them I hope tha will
be in better health and tha
will do it (for never a gain will
I doit) I do not blame you
for Margaret for I noe you would
have sent me Something to eat
undouptfuly if you could you
can here often Send me any thing
when you see propper for I never
Shall rite home a for any thing
elce if I die by it for I noe I never
could have written for any
thing that I wanted thing that I neded
any worse than I did for what
I writen for so I must close I remain your
affectionet Husband AJ White
[page 5]
Sept the 14 1862 Private
Dere Margaret
you must doe the best you
can fore you and the
childering for you noe
that I am obliged to be
Solger and I am afraid
that before the war is [closed?]
that I will fill a Solgers
____ but do the best you
can for your self and
the childering and what I
written in this letter letter
dont think that I am blameing
you for I do not for I noe
that you would have
done it if you could I will
rite to you ever chance
I get to do so that was the reson
that I come to this place instead
of going to Tenessee [so her from home?] but I can
get transfered any day & I have
a sort of notion of going
[page 6]
Shore yet I rote to you
I would be home in
Octtober if tha did not stop
ferlowing but it will be the
first of November before
I will get off if I do then
you must bare my long
absence as well as you
you can sonomore at
present only remain
your affectionet Husband
untel death A,J, White

rite as often as you
can keap that
mony AJW

NB I will Send you Sum
Green Oranges by Sam Worthy
and Sum Shells I will
Send you Sum ripe ones
the first chanch I get
worthey is a bout to start so
I must close AJW
you must exscuse bad riting and [speeling?]

September 14, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Camp Hardee


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Modern-day Fulton

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Shiloh Peters
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July, 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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