Cedar Grove Georgia Sept 16 1862
Most kind and affectionate ant
it is with the greats of pleasure
that i rite you a few lines to
let you know that i am in
the land of the living and am well
i Wood Be Vary glad to here from
you i am at home at this time
But only to stay a few hours
i am a going to start to night
to Nashvill Tennessee and When
i Will git Back is unknown
to me But i hope som time
ma sed that she sent me a
letter from you and i have Bin
on detach Servis for three weeks
and it wasent varry much out
of my way to come By home to
go to nashvill and i thought i
wood come By and see them all
maby for the last time But i
hope it wont Be But they is no
[page 2]
Margaret i wood Be glad to
See you and all the rest of them
But it is out of my Power
now But if ever i git a ferlow
long a nuff to come and see you
I will come if i cant stay
But wone night I want you
to right to me where andy is
and how he is giting a long
and tell him if he ant sadesfied
where he is to git a trancefere
and come to me I think I
can console him som and i
never was sadesfied Beter in
my life with a company Docter
Howards uncle is our Col and
he is a fine man i think I was
varry sorry to here of the Death
at richmond But i think that
we are on going ground i hope
so at least i Saw Capt Boins [1]
Company a few days a go they was
[page 3]
Ginerly Well as fere as i herd
tell granpa that i Shoud like
to here from him and I Wood
have ritten to him Be fore
now But i have Bin Where i
couldent right to no Body i
want you to tell all of them
to right to me at this place
theys is all Way some of my
company at hom and they
can Bring me the letters
tell glens folks I wood rit
to them now But I hant hardly
got time to right wone letter
for it is nearly night and I
have to meet the cowrer a Bout [2]
65 miles from here to morrow
to save my scirts i hant got
time to right half as much
as i want to tell susan Sum
erlin to make me that Jenes
maby i will git it some time if
I ever do tell Joe to do the Best
[page 4]
he can for you all I wich it
was so that I could come stay
with you But they and no use [3]
in talking a Bout that for you
no that I cant come I expect that
that I will Be sergent MaJor of
our regment But i and after offise [4]
all I want is to kill all of the [???]
Devels and com and see my friends
i want you to give susan B
my Best love and and tell
her to hold on tell the war is over
I want you to let me here from
her when I here from you I promis
to rite to your Pa But i hant
had the chance But tell him to [hold?]
on faithful i will rite som time
when somthing turns up new
i got me a horse from the yanks
the other day at Winchester Tenn
mas folks is all well so I will
close By saying goodBy yours tell
Death W W Bomer

  1. Bowen's
  2. cowrer = courier?
  3. and = aint
  4. and = aint
September 16, 1862


Nephew of Margaret White
Company A, 3 Confederate Cavalry (Howard's)


Wife of Andrew J. White


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Modern-day Fulton

Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
July, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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