Savannah Ga Oct the 31 1862
Dear Margaret I Seat my
Self to drop you a few lines
to let you noe that I am well
hopeing this will find you the
Same I received your letter from
Gus yesterday and I was Glad
to here from you and that you
was all well I did not get to
send you the paper I rote I would
it got missed placed I gess thorough
[you?] see the act[ount] of the battle in
the Atlanta papers the fight was
Pocataligo & coosawhachie we liked
a 5 hours of getting thare for the
fight I subscribed for a paper
for you I want you to rite
me how you like it I think it a
very good paper we had a general
review the other day at Savannah
and thare ant nie as may men
as thought tha was here thare
ant more than 6000 thousand
me[n] her able for duty thare
[page 2]
is a good deal of Sickness here
now tha are sending all tha
Sick home that can go thare is a
bout 90 men from this Reg to be
sent home thare will be noe more
furlows for well men only on
cases of immergencey I think if thare
[???] of childering ever sick and a
bout to die a man could get a
furlow then if tha was not look for
an attack rite off I have tryed
to get Indigo and I could not
find any at all I will try a gane
the first chance I get you rote to
me a bout the over coat I gess
urbin Pattills could cut it from
the Same measure that he cut my
other over [by?] I believe I will
have it cut a Sack and have
pocketts in it like my black over
coat was that I got in Marietta
pocketts on both breast rite strait
in you recollect how that was I think
would be the best way in toating
by Gun I could keep my hands
[page 3]
in my pocketts that a way
get it cut large a nuff a cross
the Shoulders and armes get the
cloth as dark as you can
Gus brought the shoes cumfort
and Socks and I was glad to
get them I did not nead the
Socks yet Capt Maguirk is a going
to try to come when Col Lathram
Sale comes on and if you can
have the coat made by then he
will bring it to me I dont care
wether you have it cut a Sack
or a regler millitary over coat with
a cape to it that would be the
warmest but it would take more
cloth if you have it cut that a
way have to reach a bout 4 or 5
inches be low the nees you rote
me about reading my testament I have
not read it much lately for Margaret
I have not had the chance to do
so we have bin runing a bout
so much and we have three
[page 4]
different points to pickett and
gard duty to do at Camps I will
though ever chance I have
to do so I would like to see
you and the childering
but thare is no chance now
you must exscuse bad riting
for I had to do it in a hury
you must rite soon and as
often as you can kis litte cissey
for me & Zip & Budy tell budy if
his uncle Joe comes down he
must come with him and he
can see a heap of things I must
cols so no more at present only [1]
remain your affectionet husband
untel death A,J, White

you nead not be uneasy about
me going to Mobile for I am not a
going I was talking about I heard tha
had or was a going Tenn [tha?]
but I Shall stay with this comp

  1. cols = close
October 31, 1862


Company C, 30 GA Infantry ("Campbell Sharpshooters"); Bank's Partisan Rangers, 21 GA Cavalry [summer 1862 only]


Wife of Andrew J. White


From State: 
From Municipality: 
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From Note: 
Camp Hardee


To State: 
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To Note: 
Modern-day Fulton

Transcription/Proofing Info

Shiloh Peters
Transcription Date: 
July, 2012
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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