Green Pond Janury 7th 1863
My Dear Wife
I am verry uneasy
about you and the children by not
getting a letter from you I have
not Hird or Seen a Scratch of
a pen from you in two weeks
I Cant immagine the cause
unless you are Sick or the letters
stoped in the office. do write auften
and let me heare from you
at least if I cant See you.
I am sorry to infrome you that
Capt Hopkins has Resigned his
office and is no longar a Captain
of this company. our company is
so much imposed uppon by the
Regiment until I cant blame
him for Quitting. we are abused
in Every way and half starved
until I dont know how long
we can live under sutch treatment
[page 2]
the Election came off yesterdy
for collector Durant got Six
voats Mr Young 15 voats and
I Got 29 voats if I Run as well
in the County I will stand a good
chance to be Elected but I Have
but little hopes. If Mr Young had
of came Down in my favor I
would of Stood a mighty good
chance to of been Elected for
all the voats that he got heare.
I would of got if he had not
of Run but as it is I am almost
certain Durant will be Elected
however we will know in a fiew
days who is. your brother
Cornelious Run for Corriner
and got all the voats in camps
but it is uncertain if it will
take him out of the service
as it is sutch a small office
and one of not much importance
[page 3]
I am almost certain that R A
Bird will bee at Old Delormi
for ordinary he poaled a powful
voat heare. as for my self I am
affraid I will be beeat if I could
of been in the County to of stirred
Round as Durant Did I would
of done much better he will get
the advantage by getting the voats
in verginnia where I wont get
any. however I suppose I will
have to poot up with it and
do the best I Can in the service
if my family does starve for
I see nother chance for them.
Oh my Dear how your situation
greaves me I cant rest day
or night for thinking of you all
But you must keep a good
hart maby it may please god
for me to cum home again
one more in peace.
[page 4]
do write auften and
let me heare from you for
that is all the comefort I can
get. the weather is auful
hear it has been raning for
the last 3 or 4 Days steady and
the coldest Rain I Ever felt in
all of my days. Our selves and
horses I am affraid will die with
cold and hungar. there is quite
a talk in fact the Col. threttens
to dismount our company and
poot us in the Artillary company
Which is attached to this regiment
but if he does I wont stay in
this Regiment any longar thair
I can cum out and that wont
be many days. Brother John and
all of your Brothers are well
and sends there lov to you all and
to your father
I Remain your
affectionate Husband
til death
E D Fennell
[added at top of page]
kiss my Darling children for me

January 7, 1863


Company K, 5 GA Cavalry


Wife of Edward D. Fennell


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"Green Pond" [Uknown location]


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Michael Ellis
Transcription Date: 
January, 2013
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