Camp Davant Oct 23rd 1863

My Dear Wife
I once more address
you a fue lines to informe you that It
is settled that we will march on monday
to a Place called addams run in 20
miles of charleston. there is quite a
Bustle all over camps Preparing for
the march we all have received
new armes and Every thing in order
Just to start on monday. we will go
the ballance of the ware without tents
and will have to take the weather
night and day like so many hogs
or cows all Except the commitioned
officers they will have there tents allong
with them but all the reast will have
to sleep night and day in the weather
I am affraid it will kill half the
regiment Six of our men has deserted
and gaun home. the col. I understand
ses he will have them shot if he can ketch
them again Bill Poppell and Luke Rogier
[page 2]
is the two last that deserted and
gaun home. I cannot have sutch a
stain uppon my family as to be called
a tory or deserter let allown the risque
and hardship of a runaway.
I sold Salley to brother John and the
coalt tell Samy and Peter I will buy
a Poney for them if I live to cum home
again. I do hope my two darling boys is got
Better by this time and all the rest is
well. Kiss them all over for me and tell
them good buy for me. but I hope we
will meet on this Earth again bless there
lives How I want to see them. I hope you
Have had good luck with your Potatoes
and will Save them all. you must stop
Writing to me until you heare from me
again then I will tell you where to
write and how to direct your letters
Mr Sallet must be very mean if
[page 3]
he wont take the letters our of the office
for you maby Joe or some boddy Else
will for you. the last letter I wrote you
I sent you 20 dollars which I hope you
have received safe. I would send you
more but I am affraid you may not
get It. give my love to your father and
nealy and tell them that dave cornelious &
moses is well brother John is
Quite Sick. they all send howdy to you
all. I have mended up pretty smart
of late but have a mighty heavy hart.
you must clean round your rales and
fence so as to keep off the fire. and try
and make out the best you can.
I know of nothing new to tell you. you
must let billy have the mare and
colt if he cums after It.
and beg your father to stay with you
all the time. he will be a great Protection
to you. I will bid you good buy my Dear
until you Hear from me again. your affectionate
E D Fennell

October 23, 1863


Company K, 5 GA Cavalry


Wife of Edward D. Fennell


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"Camp Davant"


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Michael Ellis
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January, 2013
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