September 1 is 1862
Camp cumming near Abingdon [Virginia]
dear wife I take my pen and
seat my self on the ground to let
you know that we are well at
this time Jack is not here he
is gone to the hospital about
ten miles from this place
and I think he will not
come to us again soon if ever
Jess [1] got a letter from your
father we was glad hear that
you was all well I want
to know where Ben and Will
is -. I was sorry to hear about
Mary actting as she did because
it hurt Jess so bad this is a
plesant country the weather is
as cold here now as it will be
there in one month from
now the water is lime stone
but it is good the people is
friendly they thi[n]k aheep
of soldiers they give us
milk every day
[page 2]
the land ritch it brings from
50 to 75 bushels of corn to the
acor the wouldling land will
sell for 50 dollars and impro
ved land from 75 to 100 dollars
per acor there is two and one
half half acors in hay the
oner said it was worth 175
dollars wheat is worth two
dollars a bushel corn 150 per
bushel bacon 25 cts a pound
butter 25 cts I dont know
when we will leave hear
but I think in about ten
days and march 250 miles
whitch will take 17 days
we are to leave apart of
our tents we will take one tent
for six men . I have not got
a wagon yet but I think
I will if I dont I will
have to throw a way some of
my clothes because I cant
carry them – turn over [2]
[page 3]
I want you to get a pare
of shoes for my little boy
my sweet baby how I
love him but 350 miles
is betwen us so I cannot see
you and him but I look
forward to the time when
we all return home with
Joy for I think in 12 months
we will all be at home
for we have grate incourage
ment for the yankees is come
ing to our men every day and
I think that in less than 12
months they will be willing
to let us alone we have good
beef to eat and bacon a
plenty I have not seen a
scipper since I come here
they say that bacon is worth
only 4 cts apound in kentuckey
where we are going – Mcginnis
is gone to Atlanta to get harness
harness and the Major is
[page 4]
gone to Whitville to get the
horses we will get 200 Missip
pa rifles and 12 cannons
so nothing more but your
loveing friend until death
I forgot rite to me and
your letter direct your
letter – to J.A McMurtrey
9 ga artilary-Bat in care of
capt. sentell co B
good bye J.A McMurtrey

to the reader look over my
bad spelling and riting it
is the time I ever undertook
rite a letter J.A McMurtrey

  1. his brother-in-law, Jesse Johnson, also a pvt. in Co. B
  2. turn over = turn the page
September 1, 1862


Company B, 9 GA Infantry


Wife of James A. McMurtrey


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Melody Hargiss
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April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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