sunday evening sept 28th 1862

camp cuming near Abingdon
dear Wife I take my seat
to inform you that I am
well at this time hopeing
that this will find you
and my Sweet little boy
enJoying the same blessing
the janders was like mesles
they did not hurt me bad
for I weigh 150 pounds in
my Shirt Sleeves
I got a letter from Mat
Waits yesterday and
was glad to hear from
you and my sweet lit
tle baby that you was
well and all the rest
of your fathers folks was
well to
I would have rote to you
before now but I could
not get time to rite to
you nor do nothing
else - turn over
[page 2]
Mat said that Willie was as
fat and pert as a cricket and
called his pa every day
he dont call me no oftener
than I think of you and
him and wish to be with you
Mat said that you said
you wanted to see me
the worst that you ever
did in your life
what makes you want to
see me so bad do you
think that I am any bet
ter than I ust to be
Mat said that
you said you hoped that
I would live to come home
do you dout that I will
come home I dont dout it at
I dont whant you to
be uneasy about me for I
think there is never fear of
me being in a battle
[page 3]
old the old Man books and
Joseph books went off
yesterday morning and
they have not been
seen since it is beleived
that they are gone home
and if they are they will
get home for there is noth
ing done yet to get them
I want to come home very
bad but not bad enuff
to come in that way for
it would be a scandle
to me as long as I live and
to my sweet Willie after
I was dead and gone
I think that we will
leave here in a few days
Jesse and henry and Jack is
as well as common bill
is well levi Wilson is
sick but not dangerous
the rest of the company
is generaly well
[page 3]
I want you to rite to
me as soon as you get this
and dont put off a month
or two for I want to
hear from you and my
Sweet little baby
I want to know how
mutch money you got
from captain Sentell
I dont whant any money
but I want to know
how mutch you got
from him
I want to know how mutch
you and Willie weighes
you said you could tell
me something in one month
I want to know
I will come to a
close by saying I am
your frie[n]d and will
remain yours until
death sepperates us
J. A McMurtrey

September 28, 1862


Company B, 9 GA Infantry


Wife of James A. McMurtrey


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Camp Cumming


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Transcription/Proofing Info

Melody Hargiss
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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