feb 28th 1863 to fran
Dear Wife I take this opper
tunty to inform you that
I am well at this time
hopeing this will find you
the season [1] I dont rite to 
you no oftener is I never
have time to rite for I am
gone so mutch of the time
I am gone all day and Some
times til 10 o clock at night
but I rite as often as I can
and I want you to do the Same
I am gone every other night
and I have no candle to rite
at night and no time to rite
in day time
Dear Wife I will be at home
when peace is made and I
dont expect be fore that
time it would take
all the money that I have got to
take there
[page 2]
to frances Eivers
Joe Says to tel his mother to
Send him to two pair of pants
two pair of drawers and some
thread by the first chance
She gets and he will send
her some money as soon as
he can have a chance to do so
and I want you to send me
one pair of pants one pair of
drawers if you have got the mon
ey and if you have not come over
and I will you a little for I am
lousey with money
the clothes that Leut guess Started
with has not come yet and I
dont know when they will come
it is geting late so I
must quit for this time
fare you well my Dear
WR Eriens to
frances Eriens
[page 3]
feb 28th 1863 to lucinda McMurtrey [2]
Dear Wife I take my pen
in hand to inform you
that I am well at presant
and I hope that this will
find you and little Willie
both well
I have just got a letter
from you dated feb 15th 1863
and was glad to hear from
you I was also glad to
hear that you was well and
that pink had a calf I
hope Willie will get fat
Jess and henry is well
you said you sent some
things and one dollars worth
of stamps the things has not
come yet nor the letter
this makes 5 letters that
I have rote to you this
month — I want to see you
look on the other page
[page 2]
you said you wanted me to
rite what was the matter
with Bill he has got a bad
cold but not very bad
off the lice bits him but
he has got nearly all
of his hide on him yet
we have all got lice on us
the way we do some will
scratch while other eats
and then they will eats
and let others scratch
I will quit my foolishness
if there is any thing the
matter with Bill I dont
know it for he is the
same old 7 and 6
the day is getting short
we have had 23 snows this
winter so I will quit
good good good good bye
J. A McMurtrey

  1. season = reason
  2. written across the top of pages 3 and 4
February 28, 1863


Company B, 9 GA Infantry
Husband of Francis Eriens
Company B, 9 GA Infantry


Wife of James A. McMurtrey
Wife of W. R. Eriens


From Note: 
N/A [Jeffersonville, VA?]


To State: 
To County: 

Transcription/Proofing Info

Melody Hargiss
Transcription Date: 
April, 2011
Michael Ellis
Proof Date: 
December, 2012

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