March the 26th 1863
Bristol tennesee
Dear Wife I take my pen
in hand one time more to
rite you a few lines to let
you know that I am well
at this time and I hope that
this will come to hand and
find you and little Willie
and all the rest well and do
ing well the last time
that I rote I was at with
ville they put the cannon
on the cars and the wagons
on the cars too and we took
the horses and the mules
and marched from with
ville to this place which is
75 miles we was 4 days coming
on our way we met with
some of the cleverest folks
I ever saw they give us some
meat and bread
[page 2]
Direct your letters to Bristol
I want you to buy some
wool and get a hat made
for me have it made full
large for your father and
have it made by the time
I come home I dont know when
I will come but I think I will
come when peace is made
and I think peace will be
made a bout the time the
north elects another president
Jack and Jess and henry is well
I have sent 25 dollars
by henry heltabrand
I dont want you to pay
any more money out only
what is owing to William
Eidson and keep the rest for
your own use I have rote
3 letters before this in march
[page 3]
we have a plenty to eat
I want you to stay at home
and eat your own meat and
bread and tell every body
to do the same and if they
dont do it dont you feed
them let every dog wag
his own tail for times is
too hard for people to visit
now I dont want to work
at 12 dollars a month and you
feed other folks nor other
folks feed you in short
let every dog wag his own
tail and you wag your
own and dont try to wag
yourn and his too
I have said nothing to hurt
your feelings or any
body else I mean just
what I say let every dog
wag his own tail
[page 4]
I have nothing more
to rite at this time
recollect My sweet
little Willie
and your
self and
don’t be
un easy
a bout
me always
think of
your self
and our
sweet Willie
so I
will quit
for this
time good
bye rite
soon as
get this
J. A. McMurtrey

March 26, 1863


Company B, 9 GA Infantry


Wife of James A. McMurtrey


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Melody Hargiss
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April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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