March the 30th 1863
Dear Wife I take my pen in
to rite you a few lines to in
form you that I am well at
presant and I hope that this
will come to hand in due time
and find you well and Willie
well also and all the rest
we are at the same place yet
we was when I rote before
we are ordered to Mockerson gap on
the cumbelain Mountain it is
between cumberlain gap and
pounds gap on the cumberlain
Mountain it is 30 miles from
Bristol Direct your letters to
Bristol tennesee
we are drawing clothes I have
drawed one shirt at 3 dollars
2 pair of pants at 9 dollars
a peice whitch makes 21
dollars we draw 133 dollars a
year in clothing = so turn over
[page 2]
I think that Jess and henry
drawed a full sute of clothes
I want you to send me 2 pair
of pants and one pair of
shoes the pants I drawed
is woolings ones and not fit
for summer time I drawed 2
pair of shoes but was not
allowed to pick them and I
got one pair of sevens an I
cant ware them they will
just fit you so I intend
to send them to you they will
only cost 6 dollars I want you
to send me one pair of shoes
and 2 pair of pants by the
chance you can get
we have a plent of rain and
cold weather yet
Jack is going to the emry henry
hospital to night
Jess and henry is will
[page 3]
March 31st 1863
I am well this morning
I have sent a package
by express to atlanta it is
marked to lucinda McMur
trey atlanta geo and I want
you to go and get it and if you
cant go after it your self
you must send an order for
it and staet in the order that
it is marked in this way
to lucinda McMurtrey atlanta
geo containing 25 pounds -
Bill in the package Sent one pair of
shoes number 9 for france and
in one of them one paper of nee
dles for france Joe sent a
coverlead to his Mo[t]her henry
sent one quilt to his Mother
Jack sent one quilt to his Wife
and I sent one pair of shoes to
you number 7 rectollect that
the sevens is yours
[page 2]
I also Sent one coat and the 2
pair of pants that I drawed
I want you to make the pants
over and make the legs shorter
I sent you 24 needles and 100
beans I want you to plant
them and see how you like them
and I want you to send me 2
pair of cotton pants and one pair
of shoes and then I will have
enuff of clothes to do me til
cold weather for I have got 4
shirts 2 pair of pants one coat
one over coat one jacket 2 pair
of drawers 5 pair of socks one
pair of shoes and that is as
mutch as I want in the summer
send to atlanta after them
thing right off I have rote 5
letters in this Month so I will
for this time so good bye
J. A McMurtrey

March 30, 1863


Company B, 9 GA Infantry


Wife of James A. McMurtrey


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Melody Hargiss
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April, 2011
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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