JW Williams camp neare Atlanta July
dear and bee loved wife I am } the 13
glad that I hav an nother opportunity
of droping yo a few more lines to
let yo no that I am well an
harty an hope that these few line
will come safe to yore kind hand
and find yo all in joying the
same blessing Frankey cess and
lem purcell has bin heare to
day an yo can tel jane and elisebeth
that cess and lem is well and harty and
wants to see them mity bad frankey
I hav no good nuse to rite to
yo wee are in two miles or three
miles of the yankey but the river
is bee tween us and tha cant get a
crost to us yo nead not to bee un
easey a bout me for I will take good
ceare of mi self but Frankey I
want to yo the worst I ever did
in mi life and I am stil in hops
[page 2]
that I wil liv to get hom wonce
more to liv with you again frankey
the [????] boys is all cald out
from 16 to 55 and tel jes prichet and
wiliam ef tha hav to go for them
to come heare for I still like this
better than Confederate servis
I think wee will bee releasedthis
fall and tel all that has to come to
come heare wess williams and all the
rest likes this the best deare wife
I want to heare how yo come on
with yor crop of corene and how yore horses
comes on and I want to heare from yo
all every day if I cold frankey yo must
take good ceare of yore self an all yore
things tel I come home and tomas
I want yo to stay at home with frankey
and bee a good boy tel I come home do the
best yo can frankey I want yo to take
good ceare of little [pincy?] tel I come home
an rite to every weke James wadkins
to Frankey wadkins

July 13, 1864


Company E, 3 GA Cavalry (State Guards); Company F, 4 GA Militia


Name Variant: 
Wife of James W. Watkins


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From Note: 
JW Williams


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Michael Ellis
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Transcription Date Note: 
April 2011; December 2012
Michael Ellis
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December, 2012

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