Camp Barto Manasa Junction August 1861

Dear ma
I take my pen in hand this Beautifuly
Sabath morning for the purpose of writing
you afew lines to in form you that
we air all up i am not well my Self
ihave the chills and fevere ihope when
this leter Reaches you it may find you
and all the Famely well you must not
not think hard of me for not writing
to you Beefore now irote aleter to you week
Beefore last and was agoing to send it
to you By one of oure men But he
did not get off ihad 2 ten Dolars Bill
to Send to you By mr Choat But he
did not get off iwas afrade to Send
it in aleter to you iwill Send it
to you By the first Chance isent you
aleter Some 3 weeks ago and iput in it
ten Cents for Buck and iwant you to
rite to me iff you got that leter
al So iwant you to rite to me what
you have Dun with my Pistol iff
you have not Sold it Pleas Dont let
any Body have it iff inever come
Back any more iwant you to give it
to Buck and tell him ho gave it to
him Dont let him Sell it to any
Body iwant you to Kiss him and
the Baby for me if you Pleas and
Send me Some of Bucks haire in
youre next leter tell him ihave not forgoten
him yet
[page 2]
we have not Recived But one leter
from you Since we left home and ihave
rote you 5 or 6 leters you must rite
and tell us how you aire geting along
Father Sent you five Dolars By Mr
Bryan Brown and he wants to now
iff you got it we have not got
in afight yet and ihope that we will
not get in one we will leave
this place in the Corse of 2 or 3 days
we will go to washington City when
we leave this place and if we dont
get in afight then we will not
have any fight Presedent Davis and
Oald lincon talks about Setelen the
ware with out any more fighting they
air fighting Some where ican hear
the Canons fire and the Bumbs Smoke
it is mity hard for aman to have
to stand up Bee fore the Canons mouth
and the muskets to Be Shot at By
the nasty Stinking yankes the lord
has Bin on are Side So far in the
fight and ihope he will remain So
ther is more Sickness in oure Regament than
iever Saw 3 men has Dide with the
measles one of oure men in oure Company
Dide yesterday morning his name was
James Spate several of oure Company is
now liing at the point of Death now
Do you tell all the Boys to Come to our
Company for we need all we Can get
out of ???> ther is only 19 teen to Drill
[page 3]
iwant you to tell George Bolin to come
an tell Jos Harmel to Come iunder Stand
he was maired you must rite if it
is Sow or not tell mr Buff that
iwant him to Save me Some water melons
an peaches when you eat water melons
iwant you to bot anuff for you and me
inever wanted Some Rosen years and gr
so Bad in all my liff we have Sholder
meat and floure to Eat you Just ou[gh]t
to See Some of the Boys making up Biscut
Doe they have a mess of it you had
Beter Beelive it we dont have any
Soda to put in oure Biscut nor gress
the tufest thing you ever saw in youre
liff Some times we have afine time
of the Solder life and Some times
we have ahard time iwant to See Some
of the gals down thea in Hayneville you
must tell them all howdy for me if
you Can tell them that i love them
as hard af mule Can kick down hill
i cant see any Gals up her at all
it would Come verry neare Kiling me
if iwas to see woman in virgina idont
Belive there is half Dozen Gals in
virgina you must rite to me and
tell me how my litl Goat is geting
an you ought to see the Boys up here
washing when they get ther washing you
Could not tell whether the Cloths had
Bin dipt in amud hole or not
[page 4]
we have not done my washing yet w[e]
only pay 5 cts appease for our washing
and ihad rather pay 10 cts appease for it
to Be done up right than to have my
Cloths dipt in mud hole if you
Could But See us geting about Diner in
the heat of the day you would Swer
we never wold get it done when we
was in atlanta the women would come
out ther everry day Just to See us get
about Diner ther is one of the purtyst
girls in that place iever Saw in
my life She told me iwas her sweet
hart But She was afrade she was not mine
itold her that She need not Be afrade
of that So when iget Back to
Atlanta ishall have to Stop and
get maired Beefore igo home you
must rite to me if you will let
me Bring her home Before istart
with her you must Say yes two for
She is apink iwill have to close for
it is tim to Eat now Pleas dont let
any Body see this leter Rite as soon as
you get this Direct your leter to
Richmond in the Care of Capt george Wimberly
of the Houston Volenterse 11 Ga Regement
iremain yourse Truly un till Death John .A. E
tell Bell ihave seen her Cosin guss
he was well Good By
mr John. A. Everet

August 11, 1861


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of Thomas H. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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Prince William


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Andrea Cudworth
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May, 2012
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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