Fair fax Station September
Va 13
Dear ma
I take my pen in hand
this morning to write
you afew lines to in
forme you that we air
all well at preasent
hoping those few lines
may find you and the
rest of the family
in the Engoyment of
the Same Irecived your
Kind leter to day
it was diliverd to
me By G. W. B iwas
glad to here from
you and the rest
ihave not red the
leter over yet iwas
So glad to get it
[page 2]
it was the first leter
ihave got from you
and iwas so glad to here
from you idid not read
the leter over before
istarted this one to you
you stated in youre leter
that you had sent us
our Cloths in the Box
with G. W. B the Box has
not got here yet george
Said he took the things
out of the Box you had
and [put] them all in abig
one if you did not
put our names on
them it wll Bee
doutful whather we
get them iwant to
know whether you sent
the Blanket in the
Box that was Sent to
the Company from Perry
[page 3]
if you did we have
not got them we
have all got over
Coats from Perry you
Stated in youre leter
that you had sent me
my Shoes ihope you
did not Send them i
left [them?] for you We
have not got any more
Cloths than we had
when we left only
our over Coats We need
Some more Shirts and
draws iwish you
Send me apr of
Suspenders if you Can
the leter you Sent to
me By E. H. Ezell inever
got it george says
Every thing you sent
to us is in the Box
when iget them iwill
write to you
[page 4]
and tell you whether
we got all of the
things you sent to
us and if we need
any more Cloths we
will write and let
you no what we need
ihope Every thing you
sent to us will Come
if it Dose we may
not need any thing
more But if we do
iwill write to you
and let you now
what it is we need
George says thair is
too Botles of Whiskey
in that Box irote to
you for some tobacco
iwant you to tell
Zeak Wimberly to
Send me some if
he Pleases iwant
[page 5]
We left Camp
Barton last Teusdeday
for this place Fair fax
it was about 10 miles
we got here about 12
oClock that day we
put up our tents it
took us till night
to get it done it
was raning verry hard
and orders Came for
us to move about 9
miles to fight it
Was in the night and
we Went it was so
Dark you Could not
Se youre hand
youre nose Farther did
not Go With us he
was tired and ibeged
him to Stay here
[page 6]
With some of the rest
of the Boys and he
Stayd at the Camps
So the rest of us put
out in the rane we
fell down and Walerd
in the mud and water
ifell six times my
gun got half full
of mud and the
other full of water
We march till 12 oClock
in the night and it
raning we made up
abig fire and dride
yout then we took
our Blankets and
lay down and took
anap When day Brke
We marcth Back to Camps We will
get in to afight
Be 1 Week ithink
[page 7]
we have got the
yankies seroudred on
Every Side and they
air abliged to give
it up or fight Just
which they please one
more fight will setle
the Question and then
we will Come home
I must Close my leter
for ihave not got
time to write any more
Direct youre leter to
Richmond va in the
Car of Capt George
Wimberly 11th Ga Regem
Houston volenterse
Good By
tell Buck Howdy for
me write soon give
my love to all
Turn over
John A. Everett
[page 8]
you said smthing
about those hogs
at Pittses Pa said
he did not sell
them to him he Says
if you Want them
send doun thair
and get them or
sell them just
which you
it is mity hard if
Pitt Clames them
Good By

September 13, 1861


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of Thomas H. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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Andrea Cudworth
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May, 2012
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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