Centerville Va November 27 1861
To mrs Everett
Dear ma
I take my pen in hand this
Evening to Drop you afew lines to
Let you know how we air geting
along this leaves us all well at
this time hoping those few lines may
find you and all the Rest the Same
I Dont know what is the reason that
you dont write to Some of us
you Sirtenly Dont think any thing
of us Since we Come to virginia
thair is Somthing the mater with
you and I Belive it is laciness is
the Reason you Dont write to us if
you Ever Entend to write again you
must Ancer this leter Idont want
you to get insulted at this and Poute
about 4 or 5 weeks Before you Ever think
about writing to us I have not
Recived aleter from hayneville in
amonth you must write and tell
Every Boddy Elce to write tell Bell
I Saw her Cosin guss yesterday he was
well and livaly you must turn over
[page 2]
I Want you to Spred too mens names
All round hayneville and they air the
too mr Walkers Just tell mrs Biv[??]
that her two Brothers has got to Playing
Cards and Beting like the D V L [1]
they air not thought any thing of
in this Company they have acted the
Dog with us Joel is mad with Pa
Because Captin Wimberly Discharged
him from Standing gard that
is about all iwill write A Bout
them at this time you no how to
Care it an now Put it thrue right
tell Buck houdy for me Keep
my litle goats fat write as Soon
as you get this
Direct youre leters
to Richmond va in Care
Captin G. W. Wimberly 11th Regimen
Ga vol
Company K H. C. V

Good By

John. A. Everett

  1. devil
November 27, 1861


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of Thomas H. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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Andrea Cudworth
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May, 2012
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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