Centervill va January 24 1862
To mrs Pateince C Everett
Dear mother
I Seat my self
this morning to Drop you afew lines
to imforme you that I recived youre
kind and affectionate leter a few
minuts ago and was verry glad
to here from you But Sorry to
to heare that E. Wimberly & J. H. mccorimick
had treated you sow Badley you stated
in youre kind leter that you wanted
me to tell you what farther had
and ho went with him to the
Hospital J. S. Walker went off with him
Well Farther had all of the Cloths and
afine finger ring Bress Pin of mine he
had $15 dolars and he had a Pistol of
mine it was arepeter it cost me $40 dol
and apr of shoses 2 Blankets and mothers
Shirs you stated in your leter Something
about the money Pa had whether you
should take the money, and have it
Put on intrust or not I tell you what
for you to Do with the money you take
it and Do Just what you Pleas with it
thair was not much of it he Did not
Draw near all of his money I will
Get that and send it to Buck I want
him to have it you must Do the
Best you can till I Come home I am
going to try to get afurlow and Come
home to see you all it is very
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Bad times to get afurlow Iwant
you to write to me and let me
no whether you air going to Do what
I told you to Do or not Do Just what
you Pleas with the money I want you
to Keep my Pistol for me and if
I dont never Come home Give it to
Buck I was glad to here that you
had Sent for Pas things you must
write to me and let me no whether
all of the things Come or not if thay
did not Iam going to chase them
I dont much think that the ward master
will send the Pistol and the ring and Pin
to you if he Dose send all of what
I have told you Pa had Just write and
let me no also if he Dose not write
and Tell me what it was he kept
for Iam going to have Everry thing that
Pa had or make him Pay me for them
I will Swere to $150 dolars worth and
make him Pay me for them I will
Come hom Just as Soon as I Can Dont
think the time long I will close for this
is all the Paper Ive Got May God Bless
Save and Protect you is my Prayr
Direct youre leter to manassas Junction va
in care of Captin G.. W.. Wimberly ) Company K
11th Regimant Ga Volenteers
Write Soon
Good By

John.. A Everett

January 24, 1862


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of Thomas H. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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Andrea Cudworth
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May, 2012
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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