Campt Near Orange Court House va

November 9th 1862
Dear ma
I take my seatthis [B?????ly?]
Sabath morning to Ancer you kind and
affectionate letter Which came Safly
to my hands yesterday and I was very
glad to here from you and to here that
you was all well your letter found me
Sick I have Bin Sick 2 or 3 days I have
not herd a word from Brother yet and
I dont no where he is i have just
got of[f] from along march we marcht
98 miles in 6 days and that came verry
near killing me we [traveled?] all over
the [??????] mountins and had to
wade 75 times and it was as Coald as
it could Be We have got the Small Pox
here and I am afraid the I will get
them But I hope not you wrote to me
to now how I was off for Clothing
it is true that I need Some for I have
not got none I have got 1 pr of Pants
and that is all 2 shirts and so far
as Socks and Shoes air conserned
I have not got got a sine of a wone
I am start Bare footed and cant
get a pr of Shoes at no prices you
Said that Shoes was 7 dollars
a pr that is cheap I have offerd
$25 dollars for a pr and cant get
them and the snow is on the ground
now and [???] Bare footed is mity [1]
hard [????] thair is some chance
for me to get into a goverment
Shop [making?] shoes I have
[page 2]
made Aplication and I think that
I will get off and if I do I shall try to
get to [?????]
Well ma I need some
Bed clothing here for I have not got
But one Blanket and its [?????????] [2]
lite thes coald nights you [???] you
wanted me to tell you when this ware
would Stop that is more than I can
tell you But I can tell you this much
About it the ware has not hardly
Begun Oald Abe has ordered Out Every
man that can Shoulder a musket
But what of that I kild 3 and
can kill 3 more if the Dont kill
mee first you no I have got that
risk to run Well I will do as you
ast me to do you said that you wanted
advice About that money Guss Wimberly
has got if you Do as I tell you and that
will Bee the only way for you to get
the money get Nelson to pay Back the $50
Dollars and give him the Deed let
him keep the land then you get
the money from Jess and use it
Just as you see fit that is my
Advice to you I will Close my letter
By asking you to write Soon give
Buck and the Baby my Respects
Direct to Richmond va in care
of captin R. R. Fudge company K
11th Reg Ga volunteeres

your Respectfuly
J A Everett

  1. writing very faded
  2. ink faded
November 9, 1862


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of John A. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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