Camps Near Orang Cort House va

May 17th 1863

Dear ma
I take this opputunity this beutiful
Sabath morning to ancer your most Kind and
Welcom letter which Come to my hands Some
time ago but not having time to ancer it till
now I have bin marching verry hard and I did not
have time to ancer youre letter you must not
think hard of me for not writing Souner
we was at Suffolk three weeks in line of
battle Every day and we was in Some of the
hardest Shelling you Ever herd of we got one
of our Company Kild the yanks Come verry near
killing me we left that place too weeks ago
and wee have Sufferd verry much Since
from hard marching my feet was all Sweld
worse than if they had bin Spraind I was So
that I Could not walk for 5 days but they air
Some better now brother Thomas has gone to
the Hospital we air in 3 miles of the yankes
now but we will not Stay here long we air
going to run them back or fight an It is
verry hard to Stand up and bee Shot at like
wee was dogs but as the Oald Song Says we
air the boys that fights for Davis I am geting
tird of this war I have bin in it very near
too years and it is time that I was going home
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Captin Fudge has sent you that money $92 Dolla
the Exprest it to Fort vally it is thair and you
will have to get Some Kind naber to go up
thair and get it for you I have not got any
nuse to write to you at this time this leavs
me in verry goud health and I hope it may
find you and the children all Engoying the Same
I am in hops that the time will not bee long
before wee will all bee at our Peacful homes
and fire Sides where we can live in Peace
I do long to See the day come when Peac will
bee Declaird in Our favor wee had one of
the hardest fights near this place afew days
ago that has Ever bin fought Since this war
first Commenst I Suppose that you all have
herd of the Death of Gnl Jackson he was Shot
in the arm Well I will Come to aclose By asking
you to write Soon and along letter Still Direct
to Richmond Va in Care of Captin R R Fudge
Company ) K ( 11th Regiment Ga volenteerse

Write Soon if you pleas
I still Remain yourse

John A Everett
To mrs P C Everett

May 17, 1863


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of Thomas H. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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May, 2012
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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