Camps Near Petersburg Va
September 23rd
Dear ma 1864
It is with great pleasure that I take
my pen in hand to let you no that
I am well and [????] those few lines
may find you all in the best of Health
ma I have not Receved aletter from you
in too months and I want to know if you
Ever write to me if you Have forgotten me
Pleas let me no if you you only nowed
How glad I would bee to Hear from you
I think that you would write me one
more letter any how if you write to
me which I belive you do I dont get eny
of youre kind letters it would afford
me a great deal of Pleasure to Hear
from you once and a while you must
write Every week and I will write
Every chance we air in camps Near
Petersburg in a oald Field and we Have to
Hall our wood some 4 or 5 miles I do not
no what will become of us this winter
I am afraid that we will all Freeze up
we can not get Blankets to keep us warm
ma I have got the cloths that you sent
to me and I am verry much obleyged
to you for Sending them to me
[page 2]
I am in hops that I can get to come Home
this winter if we Stay around this
Place I think that I will too I am verry
anxious to go Home this winter well I
want you to tell me what the People all
think of this war if they think that
we will Ever gain our Indapendance
or not if they air all down in the
mouth tell them to keep a stiff
and go thair one [1] way for we air
bound to Have our Indapendence Some
time I have Herd that all Houston county
is readdy to go rite back in to the
Union I was verry sorry to Hear it too
if our People at Home cant Stand this
War tell me what we Poor Soldiers
air to do they must keep in good spire[t]s
and Help to keep the Soldiers all in
good Spirits , Well as it is geting
late I will Bring my letter to a close by
Saying to you to give my Respects to
all of the Famiely and to my Frinds
tell the Baby that I want to see Her and
Her Little Brother mity bad you
will Pleas write soun to your Son

John A. Everett

  1. one = own
September 23, 1864


Son of Jesse H. Patience Everett; Brother of Thomas H. Everett
Company K, 11 GA Infantry


Wife of Jesse H. Everett; Mother of John A. and Thomas H. Everett


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Andrea Cudworth
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May, 2012
Michael Ellis
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November, 2012

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