13th [18]62
Near Richmond va July the
Miss Mary Hodnett
Dear sister I seat my
self this morning to Drop
you a few lines which will
inform you that we are all
a live yet sam is quite sick
Brother Jeff is as well as common
as for my self I am better that
I have been in a week I have some
head ache now I got over het the other
Day of the gains mill fight I
am worn out any how I havent
slept in a tent since we left
savannah Mary as for the fight
I cant tell any thing a bout it
there is no one ingaged in it can
tell much a bout it I now there
were a continual roaring of guns
all the time as far as I could hear
and a heavy roaring of cannon nearly
[page 2]
all the time but we got all
of them you cant imma
gine how the Dead men lay on
the g[r]ound all over the woods
and field and Dead horses a
quantity of them I have seen
lots of acquantances I have not
seen Benny [1] yet but one of
our company Did see him I would
like to hear from him I have never
heard what Regt he is in yet an
cant write to him on that account
I wish you would let me now
what regt he is in well Mary
I Dont no what would interest
you most this morning I never
was so lowspirited in my life I Dont
think I could ten miles to save my
life hardly if we stay here a whi
le we will be a ble to go again
they are looking for a big fight at
chattanooga soon we may go there
[page 3]
I wouldent object to it at
al for we would bee nearer
home there than if we were at
savannah if we Do go there
tell father he must be sure
to come and see us it wont
cost more than 6 Dollars to come
he must bring lummie [2] with
him too I want to see him I im
agine I can see him now I want
to see you all I could tell
a heep more than I Did before
I can tell you this much I am
verry willing for the war to close
I wanted to bee in one fight
I have been there now and I am perfectly
satisfyed of the war I am willing
to go home and stay there now
it is rumored in camps we are
a going back to savannah I cant
tell what about it yet there is
[page 4]
all ways some kind of
a report in camps well
to change the subject if you
get this before Jack wise leaves
please send us a cake and some fried
chicken if you can we have been
liveing on crackers and baken for
3 or 4 weeks when we could get
the baken we had nothing to cook
in an that was the best we
could Do you may immagine
how we are how we want some
thing fresh from home I
hear crops is fine there Mary
I hear cotton is worth 18 cts pr
pound that is good news I
think father ough to sell
his now well I must come to
a close give my love to all and
receive a portion your self Po
I would send you some paper if I
could tip has all of our paper or I could sent some
[added upside down at top of pages 3 and 4]
some this morning by guss lane he
lef this morning I will send it by uncle
howel if I can get it
tip may bee gone home if he has gone
you tell him to give you our paper

  1. brother B. F.Hodnett was serving in the 53rd GA Inf.
  2. lummie = his young brother, Columbus Hodnett
July 13, 1862


Company K, 13 GA Infantry


Sister of John W., Benjamin F, and T. J. Hodnett; Daughter of William Hodnett


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Michael Ellis
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December, 2012
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