[The identity of the “John” mentioned on page one is unclear since his brother, John W. Hodnett, had died the previous November (if his military records are correct). Samuel may be his younger brother. Besides John W., T. J., and Samuel Hodnett, at least three other Hodnetts (W. H. H., W. T, and George) are listed on the Co. K roster.]

Camp near Darksvill va
Juley the 18th 1863
Mr Wm Hodnett Dear Father
Mothe Brothers and Sisters I
now Seet my Self to drope you a
few lins to let you all now how
I am my health is tolable at
this time John and Samual is
hear with me I dont hear no
complant with them only Samuel
feet is verry Sore from marching
Wm Henry [1] is at Jordans Spring
near winchester he was left there
when we pass through going to
Pensylvania I heard from him day
before yesdiddy he had bin right Sick
but is geting up a gane he hant
bin well Since the Frederickburg [2]
fight it will be Some time yet I
recond before he come up at least
I hope he wont come untell he gets
able to Stand it I hope that these
lins will reach you all in dew time
and will find you all in the
[page 2]
injoyment of good health which
is So great a blessing Dear Parents
my eyes has Seen a heap Sence I
rote to you last and I have great
reason to be thank ful that I am
yet Spard while So many has fallen
and are now realiseing eturnity I
oftain feel that I cant be thankful a
nuff to all mity God for his tender
merces to me in Sparing my life
thorough So many dangers in the
great battle that was fout at Gettys-
burg thare was ten of our Company
wounded and too kill Tom Gafney
and Wm Wills was kill Nat Moss
Jack Eedmondson Jackson Bob Sledg
Sebour Phillips Rily Wise Wm
Jons Wm Andrews Crum Word [3] was wounded
Crum Word pow [4] fellow he was my 
file leader when he was Shot dow[n]
he look up in my fase and Sed Jeffy
I am hit take me way, you cant
tell how it made me feel to leave
him thare but I was a blige to
[page 3]
do it we wasent a lowed to S[t]op to
carry of[f] the wounded after we was
halted I Saw a heap of the battlefeld
Oh what a Sene to See the wounded
the dead the diing Oh my God how
long Shal this wor last the lord
only nows I thaut wonce that
maby So it might clos this fall
but now I havent no hopes of it
I beleave it will last untill we
are umble [5] as a nation Oh what
will it take to umble us it look
to me that a Solder can see a nuff
hear to cause him to reflect and to
turne to the great I am [6] but it
looks like the Solders are harden
to evry thing and thare nothing
that will cose them to reflect
Oh that we ware all devoted to the
Servis of God and then we woodent
have nothing fear but oh how far
from it to change [7] I hear that
that was a call for eight thousen
[page 4]
more Trups from Ga it Semes
that they will all betaken
from home I dont now what
the wimin and Childre will
do if the men is all call in
to the feld I was verry to hear
that vicksburg had fallen it
it Seme that we are geting in
a critikel condishion but I hope
that the lord will with us and
that this word may Soon S[t]op
and that we may permitted
to meet on eart a gane I must
c[l]ose I feele Sorry that we cant
hardly get any letters from thare
if John wasent hear with us
I dont think that we wood
hardly ever hear from you all
Sister Lizebeth right to him [8]
and we can hear from you that
way I hope that Some of you
will right oftainer for I will assure
you that it is a heap of Satisfaction to
hear from you all nothing at p[r]esent
I remane your Sun T J Hodnett

  1. W. H. H. Hodnett, probably another brother
  2. Battle of Chancellorsville in May
  3. Pvt. C. R. C. Ward
  4. pow = poor
  5. umble = humbled
  6. the Great I am = God
  7. to change = change the subject
  8. John may have been a brother-in-law
July 18, 1863


Brother of John W., Benjamin F., and Mary Hodnett; Son of William Hodnett
Co. K, 13th GA Infantry



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modern-day WV


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December, 2012
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